View of the Valley Achievement in Asura's Wrath

  • View of the Valley



    Give in to your male instincts.

  • How to unlock View of the Valley

    During the hot-spring scene in episode 10, when you have the choice to perform different options, focus the camera on the attendant's chest with the . Once she covers up her assets, your achievement will unlock.

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  • wut
  • Best achievement title / discription ever!
  • There's a level in which you must not look at breasts, this indicates that you get the achievement while looking at breasts. Easiest achievement ever? I think so.
  • In Episode 10, you just have to look at the girl serving your sake until she covers herself with her arms. Yes, you're checking out her boobs. Yes this is the best.
  • guys thanks for the laugh reading this and the hint!
  • ta again the real pball

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