Hawk, wolf, puma and bear Achievement

  • Hawk, wolf, puma and bear



    Kill 1000 droids/creeps.


    Droids and creeps are the fodder in Awesomenauts; creeps tend to be toward the center of the map and have almost no hitpoints, and droids attack wave after wave through the main paths on either side. You will probably kill more than 1000 on you way to level 45, but otherwise, pick a hard hitting character like Leon or Lonestar and pick a lane to smash bots in. You can track this in the Help and Options menu, under Stats. The "creep" count includes droids killed, so once it hits 1000 it should unlock.

  • You'll earn this by simply playing normally. You'll kill droids as you push the tower and you'll get creeps killed as you heal yourself

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