Let our powers combine! Achievement

  • Let our powers combine!



    Play a game session with friends invited in your game session.

    You will need a friend to invite for this on an online mode. Start a private match (or a regular Xbox LIVE battle, doesn't matter) and invite your friend at the ready prompt screen and finish a game. It should pop at the end.

  • Looking for someone to invite and trade off. I will be online all night tonight and tomorrow. Send a message to TheKeeblaElf and include awsomenauts. This is my last achievement, thanks for your help =)
  • I need someone to help me with this achievement, just send me a message on Xbox Live if you wanna help, and I can help you in return! GT: ThisIsBedlam
  • Still need this one. Muppet May Cry
  • GT : k6feetdeephole anytime you want people
  • GT - Blaizicus Anyone wanna get this message me? :D
  • GT - DaintyScorpion1 Looking for people to trade off with for this achievement.
  • gt: JimmilyGoofyMan thanks for help
  • assassino187
  • GT: zber00 Message me anytime been trying to get for a long time
  • This game just went on sale today at 50% off so there will be a few more people playing it :) Add me - Wearifulosprey9
  • Need this achievement. Message me at GT: R04D
  • Still need this achievement. Would really appreciate it :)
  • Your best chance is to find a randomer online and ask if he would kindly accept your friend request ad help you. Otherwise, get someone to buy the game or ask here

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