Party at Sky Vault Achievement

  • Party at Sky Vault



    Win a game session with 2 friends splitscreen.


    You will need three controllers for this. Start a practice match, and either get a friend or two, or pick a character you're really, really good at. It's possible using one character (I used Leon), but save yourself some trouble and get a friend. This will only unlock for player 1. Meaning: the controller with the first quadrant lit up, so be aware of that.

    DROGTURIST notes that you can boost this with another person online if you're having trouble doing this otherwise: set up a private match, and invite a friend to join your game. Both of you should be on opposing teams with two guest accounts signed in.

  • This can be done in practice. It's not easy, but one thing you can do is set up one secondary character as Derpl with a rubber band on the controller. Buy the siege upgrade, possibly using the piggybank to also get the range extender upfront. Set him up in siege mode right behind one of your turrets, so that he won't get hurt (much) by enemies. This will ensure that your opponent's bots get taken out relatively quickly, as well as put a hurting on any Awesomenauts that get too close. It's a solid defense of one lane against the CPU.
  • Thanks for the guide! Had a controller with rubber band as Derpl at one turret and another controller with rubber band as Yuri on the other tower, and ran around with Clunk, as he deals good dmg, got lifesteal and is tanky. Focused on destroying towers. Got it in first try.
  • Use the mentioned tactics above, or get really good with Froggy G or Lonestar and do everything yourself. Froggy: Clown fish, Parahnes and the one that increase fire rate (last played 2015) Attack towers whenever you can. Keep pushing and finish the base off. If you find resistance then by stun upgrades for you splash dash and shotgun anyone to death Lonestar: Triple dynamite and combustion. Lay down mines everywhere and the AI will run into it and die. They aren't programmed to dodge it. This can give you the solar you need to gain enough upgrade to win on your own I did it with Froggy G without anyone else helping YOU NEED 3 CONTROLLERS Buy 3 or borrow some from a friend

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