In pole position Achievement

  • In pole position



    Make the most kills of both teams in an online match.

    This will need to be done online, though private works if you want to boost. There's really no "right" way to do this: pick a character you know how to play, and try to go for as many kills as you can. Great characters for this are Leon, Lonestar and Voltar (once you get full drone upgrades). You need the most kills of the match, so if you have a team with a member that's dying constantly to the same person, you may have to find another game.

  • Ha, owned.
  • Public or private only. Not practise Use characters with builds against other people. Lonestar with combustion dynamite in single piles is useful for killing bots On the whole, bots will be easier as they are easier to kill and kill less people

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