Wings of Silver Achievement

  • Wings of Silver



    Collect 35 Solar on an drop-pod drop.


    When dropping by pod, there will be bits of solar metal in the sky. You will need to collect 35 of these to unlock this achievement. The patterns in the sky for particular stages never change, so learn the pattern, and eventually when you spawn/respawn. AI Station 404 has the easist path, in my opinion. It'll take some practice, but it's not impossible.

  • I think you can miss one or two, the first level of the 3 seems to be the easiest pattern to follow.
  • Hate this one.....
  • u can do this on in tutorial
  • Keep playing Ribbit IV on practise mode and learn the pattern. You'll probably get around 30 on your first few proper attempts, but it won't be too hard afterwards. You can choose Froggy G, stand in front of an enemy tower, die and keep retrying until you succeed

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