- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 8 [130]
- Online: 4 [70]
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 10-12 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A [No story]
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None

Welcome to Awesomenauts, one of the newest takes on the MOBA game format. You may be familiar with other games of this genre such as Heroes of Newerth, DotA or League of Legends. Unlike these games, however, Awesomenauts is a 2D sidescroller using many of the same principles: you select a hero, and march alongside cannon fodder and allied heroes while attacking enemy heroes. The goal of the game is to push the enemy back to their home base, the core drill, while chewing through their defensive turrets and protecting your own. The game offers 3v3 play, with up to 3 players splitscreen per Xbox.

Step 1: Leveling Up
To be honest, most of the achievements will probably come naturally as you head for the level 45 achievement, "Master of the Universe!" except for maybe "Party at Sky Vault" and friend achievements, depending on if you have friends around to play with you. Be sure to win a game as every character, try to land finishing blows on turrets, try to kill as many enemy heroes as possible, and kill as many droids/creeps as you can. The most time consuming achievements are killing droids and reaching level 45, but even that can be done in a day if you're really wanting to push through the game (or couldn't stop playing it, like me). I recommend playing online in either public or private matches to save the most time, as "In pole position," "Slimer's evil twin," and "Yoooo JOE!" can only be unlocked online.

Step 2: Mop Up/Coop
You will probably have to make preparations to complete "Party at Sky Vault" if you don't have three controllers lying around, or at least another person to help you complete a game in split screen. Other ones you could be missing are "Let our powers combine!" and collecting "Wings of Silver," which you can see tips on completing in the achievement guide below.

Awesomenauts is a lot of fun if you're in to MOBA games, and the achievements shouldn't give you too much trouble if you can master the use of one or more characters. Good luck!

[XBA would like to thank Corrupt. for this Roadmap]

Awesomenauts Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Kill 1000 droids/creeps.

    Droids and creeps are the fodder in Awesomenauts; creeps tend to be toward the center of the map and have almost no hitpoints, and droids attack wave after wave through the main paths on either side. You will probably kill more than 1000 on you way to level 45, but otherwise, pick a hard hitting character like Leon or Lonestar and pick a lane to smash bots in. You can track this in the Help and Options menu, under Stats. The "creep" count includes droids killed, so once it hits 1000 it should unlock.

  • Destroy 25 turrets.

    Turrets are the large structures that block the path in each lane. Usually, you will have to smash 2-3 to get to the enemies core drill. However, you only get credit for actually landing the final blow on the turret. There's no stat tracking for this one, but to check to see if you got credit for smashing a turret, hit the back button to pull up the current stats.

  • Win game sessions with six different characters.

    You will have to win a full game with each of the six characters. Three are unlocked from the get go (Lonestar, Froggy D, Leon) and the last three are unlocked by level 11.

  • Play a game session with friends invited in your game session.

    You will need a friend to invite for this on an online mode. Start a private match (or a regular Xbox LIVE battle, doesn't matter) and invite your friend at the ready prompt screen and finish a game. It should pop at the end.

  • Win a game session with 2 friends splitscreen.

    You will need three controllers for this. Start a practice match, and either get a friend or two, or pick a character you're really, really good at. It's possible using one character (I used Leon), but save yourself some trouble and get a friend. This will only unlock for player 1. Meaning: the controller with the first quadrant lit up, so be aware of that.

    DROGTURIST notes that you can boost this with another person online if you're having trouble doing this otherwise: set up a private match, and invite a friend to join your game. Both of you should be on opposing teams with two guest accounts signed in.

  • Make the most kills of both teams in an online match.

    This will need to be done online, though private works if you want to boost. There's really no "right" way to do this: pick a character you know how to play, and try to go for as many kills as you can. Great characters for this are Leon, Lonestar and Voltar (once you get full drone upgrades). You need the most kills of the match, so if you have a team with a member that's dying constantly to the same person, you may have to find another game.

  • Get a killing spree.

    A killing spree is three kills without dying. You will probably get this going for "In pole position," if not before. If you're having troubles dying, take health upgrades, and stay close to turrets. It's an easy way to not get overwhelmed.

  • Unlock 3 characters.

    The last three characters: Clunk, Voltar, and Yuri unlock as you level up. The last of them, Yuri, unlocks at level 11. You will get this probably in your first hour or two of playing.

  • Kill the Solar boss in an online game session.

    There is one level to do this on: Ribbit IV. Solar bosses are the fat frogs in on the left and right areas in the center jungle area (they are near large health drops). These guys are tough, and I don't recommend taking one down until you have a bunch of upgrades. You need to land the killing blow for credit. This must be done online private or public.

  • Collect 35 Solar on an drop-pod drop.

    When dropping by pod, there will be bits of solar metal in the sky. You will need to collect 35 of these to unlock this achievement. The patterns in the sky for particular stages never change, so learn the pattern, and eventually when you spawn/respawn. AI Station 404 has the easist path, in my opinion. It'll take some practice, but it's not impossible.

  • Reach max level.

    The max level is 45, and it'll probably take about 8 or so hours to reach. This will probably be your last achievement. You get more solar the better you do, so go for Awesomenaut kills, turret kills, and collect as much of the free floating stuff as you can.

  • Win an online game session.

    Pretty easy. Join an online game, and win. You can do this in a private match, too.

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