Master Painter Achievement

  • Master Painter



    Complete the masterpiece.


    To get this, you will need to collect all 8 pieces of the painting and all 8 colour tubes hidden throughout the game. If you press  on a level, you can see what collectables are still hidden in the level. If none of the collectables have a star beside the number, you have found everything in the level. If you are stuck, refer to the walkthrough HERE for item locations. This will unlock at the end of the Outro, if you got them all in your first run. You can go back to previous levels to collect anything you missed, and replay the Outro to unlock the achievement when you have everything.

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  • There is one on the first level. I believe it is the mountain just below the snow gian or whatever he is called There is another on the second level. It is the tree. What you have to do is click on the different areas to make it bloom so the pencil will appear. That is as far as I have gotten for now.
  • There is another painting in Chapter 10. If I remember right it is on the hill to the left of where the bird is

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