Great Driver Achievement

  • Great Driver



    Score over 10000 points in the car minigame.

    You’ll unlock the second and third car mini games after completing Chapter 13. This does not need to be done in a single game, since you can only get 5000 points per level if you somehow finish instantly. You have 3 courses to get a cumulative score of 10,000, but if you have completed the driving course in Chapter 13, you shouldn’t have too much trouble on the first 2 courses and should be able to get at least 3500 points on each. Course 1 is the one in the story, so it should hold no surprises. I never took my thumb off  and managed almost 3900 points on the second course first try, to give you a sense of relative difficulty. Course 3 is comparatively difficult and may take a few tries, but if you did well on the first 2, it should just be a matter of getting through it for 2500-3000 points. Use the  to lean and keep both wheels on the ground and you should be fine.

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