Great Sailor Achievement

  • Great Sailor



    Score over 10000 points in the boat minigame.

    You’ll unlock this mini-game after completing Chapter 20. This can be an annoying achievement as the controls are not as intuitive in this minigame, but it is not overly difficult once you get the hang of it.  Just put the fan icon under or above the boat to steer it up or down. The scoring is fairly similar to the balloon course, so play it safe and avoid the walls and the whirlpools, particularly on your third time through (the level is an endless loop, like the balloon course). Try to get the yellow stars, since they are worth 500 points each, but the key to this game is longevity. Little stars only give you 10 points, while checkpoints yield 250 and the big stars yield 50. Don’t risk your ship going after the little stars, focus on avoiding the walls and the whirlpools instead. You will probably reach 10,000 points around the middle of your third lap of the course this way.

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  • Worst mini game EVER.

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