Points in Paint Achievement

  • Points in Paint



    Complete the story with the score over 42000 points.

    You get 1000 points for getting through a chapter, 500 points for getting a collectable and a few points for finishing a level quickly, but you will lose points for using a hint. If you collect everything, but get no time bonuses and use no hints, you will finish with 42,000 points exactly, so you will need at least 1 point of time bonus to unlock this. You can check the amount off time bonus points remaining by pressing  and looking beside the hourglass in the upper left corner. Hints cost 500 points each and will eliminate any points you get for finishing the chapter quickly, so to avoid using them refer to the walkthrough HERE if you get stuck. You will get this at the end of the Outro if you managed to gain enough points. To clarify some rumours, the minigames do not count toward this score, and you cannot replay a level to remove a hint or add a time bonus. If you have gathered all the collectables, replayed the Outro and still don't have 42,000 points, you will have to start a new game.

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