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There are 29 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Xedur



    Defeat the Xedur variant.

  • Telal



    Defeat the Telal variant.

  • Uruku



    Defeat the Uruku variant.

  • Defeat the Gir-Tab variant.

  • Ukhu



    Defeat the Ukhu variant.

  • Defeat Sentinel.

  • Acquire 100% of all weapons, tools, upgrades, and notes.

  • Uncover 100% of the game map.

  • Complete the entire game in under 4 hours.

  • Find 100% of the weapons in the game.

  • Find 100% of the tools/abilities in the game.

  • Find 100% of Health Nodes.

  • Find 100% of all notes in the game.

  • Complete the game without dying.

  • Complete the game once in Speedrun Mode.

  • Hard



    Complete the game in Hard difficulty.

  • Hack



    Glitch your first enemy.

  • Find 100% of all Power Nodes.

  • Low %



    Complete the game with under 40% of all items.

  • Destroy 2000 regenerating blocks.

  • Destroy 2000 bricks.

  • Hacker



    Glitch every enemy type at least once.


Secret achievements

  • Be defeated by yourself.

  • Clone



    Defeat one of Athetos' aborted clones.

  • Defeat Athetos.

  • Discover your first secret world.

  • Bypass Athetos' aborted clone wihout damaging it.

  • Use the Passcode Tool for the first time.

  • Mercy



    Spare the Xedur Hul variant.

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Axiom Verge Achievements FAQ

  • How many Axiom Verge achievements are there?
    There are 29 achievements to unlock in Axiom Verge worth a total of 1000 gamerscore.
  • Are there any secret achievements in Axiom Verge?
    There are 7 secret achievements in Axiom Verge. Our achievement list contains a full list of all secret achievements in Axiom Verge.

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