Babel Falling Achievement

  • Babel Falling



    Complete the campaign.

    This achievement requires that you complete the Campaign. Campaign consists of 3 chapters with 5 missions each that become more difficult as you progress. Initially, only the first mission is available. Completing each mission unlocks the next. Chapter 2 and 3 must be purchased with coins.

    Succeeding in Campaign is about having the right tools: powers, passive powers, and scrolls. First and foremost this means having upgraded powers. Simply playing the Campaign may not earn you enough coins to be able to upgrade you powers to complete the missions. For this reason, it is recommended that near the beginning of the game you take the time to grind enough coins to upgrade significantly. See "Step 0" in the Roadmap for the fastest way to get coins.

    In addition to having upgraded powers, it is also important to choose a valuable passive power for each mission. For most missions, I found it best to select the Elemental Spirit (maxed to 3 stars) to boost the regeneration rate of ALL your powers. In certain cases, when score is the objective of the mission, selecting the Combo Spirit (maxed to 3 stars) will be a better choice. This will help keep your combo running to earn more score. Using either the Sabotage, Slowing or Blessing scrolls is also a must. Choose which ever one fits your play style or the mission best.

    The Campaign missions and their objectives are as follows:

    • Mission I: Foundations - Kill 60 workers
    • Mission II: Fire and Brimstone - Withstand 10 waves of workers
    • Mission III: False Prophets - Defeat 40 priests
    • Mission IV: Defense - Resist for 9 minutes
    • Mission V: Fall of the Ziggurat - Kill 300 workers
    • Mission VI: A New Beginning - Resist for 9 minutes
    • Mission VII: Cursed Path - Spare 25 cursed jars
    • Mission VIII: Rosary of Souls - Score 100,000 points
    • Mission IX: Sea Legs - Destroy 72 ships
    • Mission X: Under Siege - Destroy 30 construction towers
    • Mission XI: Divine Gardens - Kill 450 workers
    • Mission XII: Accursed Priests - Withstand 42 waves of workers
    • Mission XIII: Babel Towers - Destroy 5 construction towers, then defeat 25 priests
    • Mission XIV: Soul Collector - Score 500,000 points
    • Mission XV: Last Stand - Resist for 20 minutes

    Some general tips for success:

    • Priests and any enemies inside their sphere will be protected from the power that is the color of their sphere.
    • Always tap the "Incoming Ships" button to fire on the docking boats. If you skip this, the amount of enemies afterwards will be greatly increased. Try to sink as many as possible to minimize the workers coming up.
    • Switching powers rapidly is key. Use everything you have. Doing this means you should rarely have to wait for a power to regenerate.
    • Avoid cursed jars (purple smoking containers). They will temporarily disable whatever power you used to destroy them.
    • Focus early. As workers move up the tower, it will be more difficult to keep track of them.

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