Cruel god Achievement

  • Cruel god



    Send 10 maximum difficulty waves to your opponent in a versus multiplayer match.

    NOTE: This achievement title and description are actually glitched. Outside of the game, the achievement is above, which is a carry over from the XBLA version of the game in which there is multiplayer. In-game, the achievement is called "Patient God" and is described as "Use two distinct level 3 powers in a single game." Follow the description below to unlock this achievement.

    This achievement requires that you use two level 3 (ultimate) powers in a single game. The ultimate powers for Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind are Rock 'n Roll, Meteor Shower, Tidal Wave and Sandstorm, respectively. Make sure you have two of these purchased (they do not need to be upgraded at all) and then start a game with those elements equipped. At the start of a round, both of your ultimate powers will be available. Use one then the other to pop this achievement.


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