Break the ice Achievement

  • Break the ice



    Play a coop game and have one player kill 30 workers frozen by the other one.


    NOTE: This achievement title and description are actually glitched. Outside of the game, the achievement is above, which is a carry over from the XBLA version of the game in which there is multiplayer. In-game, the achievement is called "Eclectic God" and is described as "Use each passive power and each scroll once." Follow the description below to unlock this achievement.

    This achievement requires that you use each passive power and each scroll at least one time. Both Campaign missions and Survival mode count towards this achievement. Passive powers require a one-time purchase to unlock (and further one-time purchases to upgrade them). Scrolls also must be purchased, but can only be used one time. You can equip one of each (a scrolls and a passive power) before starting a game. There a 9 passive powers and 8 scrolls to use. In total, it will cost around 4,500 coins to buy the first level of each passive power and one of each scroll.

    After completing the Campaign, you can quickly knock these out by playing and failing Survival games while cycling passive powers and scrolls.

    The Destruction Scroll cannot be equipped and can only be used in Survival mode. After being defeated, the game will ask if you want to purchase/use this scroll to continue the game. Do so to get credit for using this scroll.

    GLITCH WARNING: Several people have reported that this achievement does not unlock even after meeting the requirements many times over. If this happens, the best approach is to complete all other achievements then delete and reinstall the game. Quickly grind the 4,500 coins necessary to purchase all the powers and scrolls and use each once. This has been found to pop the achievement.


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