Survivor Achievement

  • Survivor



    Survive 5 minutes when the tower is almost complete. (Campaign, Survival)

    This achievement requires that you survive 5 minutes when a tower is almost complete and can be done in either Campaign or Survival. This is most easily obtained on the very first Survival level, Great Ziggurat Divinity. I would recommend bringing fully-upgraded Water and Wind as your powers, the fully-upgraded Element Spirit passive power, and a Slowing Scroll. Let the workers build the tower until it is "almost complete." This is the point when the bases of the four small pillars on top of the tower are visible. Take note of the time, as you are now working towards the five minutes. At this point, only 3 or 4 more workers will finish the tower, so stop everything at all costs. If you are not confident, start taking out workers before than final pillars are visible and then let small amounts of manageable workers build until the tower is almost complete. This is a very easy level, so you should have no trouble completely defending the top for 5 minutes. The achievement will pop immediately when 5 minutes is reached.


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