- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 12/12 (200)
- Online: 0/12 (0)
- Approximate time: 5 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 playthrough
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect Achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched Achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed?: Yes. Second Controller


Babel Rising is a great little tower-defence style game where you are a God trying to stop the Babylonians from building a tower up to the heavens. It also happens to have achievements you can pick up relatively easily! There are 3 game modes; Survival, Campaign and Multiplayer. 10 of the achievements are obtained in Survival/Campaign, and there are 2 set aside for Multiplayer.

There are a total of 15 missions in the campaign, 5 for each tower. See the Babel Falling achievement for more detail on the campaign. As you go through it, you will find yourself getting quite a few of the other achievements out of the way. I only had three other achievements to get after finishing the campaign, and they are quite easy to get out of the way with the clean-up mode, Survival!

This mode is basically used to finish off the last achievements you missed, which will probably include Full House and Survivor. The first you'll get without much effort, Survivor can actually be a bit of a pain to do. See the guide if you want some help!

The 2 achievements here are quite easy. They can only be done in local split-screen play. Break the Ice is quite easily done by yourself, but with Cruel God make sure you do it in a single session by hitting restart at the end of the game, as leaving to the menus will reset the tally! These can be over and done with in 20 minutes.

This game will only take you around 4-5 hours to gain all the achievements, and is actually quite a fun little game to play.

[x360a would like to thank MyPetWorm for this Roadmap]

Babel Rising Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Crushed 20 workers with one giant boulder.

    This is the Earth Ultimate Power. In order to use ultimate powers, you first need to gather enough fury by hitting the workers with your the respective power. When the Ultimate Power is activated by pulling either the or , you can boost its power further by spamming the trigger that you used to trigger it. Easiest done on the first tower, just wait until there are quite a few workers on the path and unleash this power at the top!

  • Destroyed a section of the tower with a meteor shower.

    This is the Fire Ultimate Power (See 'Falling Stone' for power guide). Once you have charged this power, find the part of the tower they are working on and aim for the scaffolding around it. The better charged the skill is, the more devastating it will be.

  • Use a tidal wave that spares cursed jar bearers.

    This is the Water Ultimate Power (See 'Falling Stone' for power guide). This one has a little bit of luck to do with it. You need to first let the workers build the tower up a few levels. Upon doing so, continue to play like normal until you have a few Cursed Jars on the tower and a fully charged Tidal wave. Let them get up past where the Tidal wave ability gets, then use it (without charging it up, otherwise it will rise!). Hopefully doing so will not kill any other Jars that either just spawned or you just didn't know about.

  • Send a worker flying 50 meters away in a sand storm.

    This is the Air Ultimate Power (See 'Falling Stone' for power guide). Once you have a charged Sandstorm, aim for a higher part of the tower. When you then use it, make sure you charge it as much as possible (Closer to 100% the better) and the achievement should pop straight away.

  • Kill a total of 10000 workers.

    After finishing the campaign, and finishing off the rest of the achievements, you will probably already have this achievement. Many players actually get this before even finishing the campaign. If you don't, then just load up the Survival scenario you'll enjoy and play away! The achievement pops the instant you kill your 10,000th worker.

  • Master the combo system.

    You will get this achievement playing through the campaign. To increase your combo, alternate the way you kill the workers with your powers. As you keep volleying it up, you will net yourself this one.

  • Kill 50 workers in a single game.

    As the first mission requires you to kill 75 workers, simply complete it to net yourself this.

  • Defeat Nabu's ambition.

    If you have had experience with tower-defence style games, then this campaign will probably be no problem for you. If this is your first, then don't worry if you struggle at times, as the game is very good at overwhelming you.

    All of the challenges given pretty much just require you to play the game like normal. If you were to never read them and play, you will easily pass them all. The only challenge I will give advice for are the points challenges. Make sure when you're doing them that you focus on getting high multipliers by swapping attacks over and over.

    Here are the missions, in order;

    Tower - Great Ziggurat
    I - Foundations - Kill 75 Workers
    II - Fire And Brimstone - Withstand 20 Waves of Workers
    III - False Prophets - Defeat 40 Priests
    IV - Deluge - Resist for 8 Minutes
    V - Wind of Change - Kill 450 Workers

    Tower - Tower of Babel
    VI - A New Beginning - Fight Off The Workers for 9 Minutes
    VII - Cursed Path - Spare 25 Cursed Jars
    VIII - Rosary of Souls - Score 100,000 Points
    IX - Sea Legs - Destroy 72 Ships
    X - Under Siege - Destroy 30 Construction Towers

    Tower - Hanging Gardens
    XI - Divine Gardens - Kill 450 Workers
    XII - Accursed Priests - Withstand 42 Waves of Workers
    XIII - Babel Towers - Destroy 5 Construction Towers, Then 25 Priests
    XIV - Soul Collector - Score 500,000 Points
    XV - Last Stand - Resist for 20 Minutes

  • Pressure your opponent in a multiplayer versus match.

    To obtain this achievement you need to send 10 maximum difficulty waves to your opponent in a versus match. As the only multiplayer available is local splitscreen, you will have to either do it by yourself with two controllers (Which will simply require you to play a few games) or convince your sibling/spouse/neighbor to help you out to do it in one.

    First, I will detail a little bit what "difficulty waves" are. To send waves to your partner, you need to perform combos. The higher the combo, the more difficult the wave you will send. After you have finished your combo, you will see a symbol of a worker move over to your partners side of the screen with a multiplier number next to it. If it says 'x24' next to it, you have sent a maximum wave. The combo you will need to send changes as the game goes on, so there is no set number I can give you. For the powers, use Earth and avoid Water. You can use your own preference for Wind and Fire as they are similar.

    Now load up the first temple in a competitive match. If you are going up against someone else, you will most likely both naturally get the achievement just by trying to get combos. If you are going up against yourself (Meaning the controller sitting alone next to you), then you will have to do a few games. Don't worry though as it typically only takes 3 matches to complete at a few minutes each.

    NOTE: If you are doing this with an idle controller, make sure you restart at the end of the game. Do not leave the 'game session' by going back to the menus as it will wipe your current tally.

  • Finish what your partner begins in a coop game.


    In a co-operative game, each player gets 2 elemental skills each to make up the entire 4. The player with Water, needs to then use their Ice ability (The trail one for water) on enemies. The other player then needs to quickly take them all out before they explode. As you only need to do 30 this doesn't take very long, and both players net the achievement.

  • Show no fear when destroying the cursed jars.

    You will need to destroy 15 jars in a single game to net this achievement. I personally did it, sadly unintentionally, on the first campaign mission that sends them at you. If you are however better than me at missing them, simply start up a survival game and hit them all as they come. Note that they only come once the temple is built up a little bit.

  • Stop the construction of the tower when everything seems lost.

    Survive 5 minutes when the tower is almost complete.

    Depending on your skill in tower-defence style games, this achievement is actually quite easy. The problem, is stopping at "Almost complete".

    Load up the first tower on easy difficulty in Survivor. Pick your 2 elements you are the best with, personally I always used Earth and Wind, just make sure you can handle a large amount of humans with whatever technique you use!

    Now you are meant to let the humans build the tower all the way to the top. There is a little temple that they build on top and from the point that they plant the foundations for the temple, they only need 3 more humans to win! Let them plant the first bit into the temple (It will have 4 little pillars) then from here, simply hold off for 5 minutes. I suggest going for this after finishing the Campaign, or at least after a bit of experience, as that way you'll know how to best use your skills ( not get run over by cursed jars and priests), and know to watch for their construction building that spawns them half-way (Which should always be quickly dealt with).

    Just a note for wasting a little bit of time;
    When playing Survivor, there are boat waves like in the Campaign (Once you get that far). When a boat wave is up next, the humans stop spawning. Once you have eliminated the final one, the "Press " option comes up. Try to pick up on the humans not spawning, as that way, you can let the last one take the minute journey all the way up before you cruelly end his hopeless life. I then let the option to press wait 5 seconds before I pressed it. This will grant you a bit of extra time to breath.

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