Third Time's the Charm Achievement

  • Third Time's the Charm



    Won three multiplayer games


    In order to get this achievement quickly, set up a private multiplayer match:
    Spider Hunter, 3 minutes, 5 points, Shifting Web.

    Choose the Fire Mage and use your powerful spells to kill the water-gliding bugs and the flying bugs in one hit. Survive long enough and you'll get a win. Do this 2 more times.

    D0cman88: For the 3rd time's a charm achievement, you can do it with 2 controllers and just have the gamertag you want to get the points win 3 times.

  • I don't know how to do an official update or add-on like docman88 (and if someone would tell me that would be nice) but the quickest way to get this achievement is to load your map that you made for the Bouncer achievement and play it in multiplayer 3 times. I got the achievement in right over a minute. :)
  • Yup, great advice Pugs!! 2x2 elimination. Won by using "shove".

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