Good Host Achievement

  • Good Host



    Hosted 10 multiplayer games


    In order to get this achievement quickly, set up a private multiplayer match:
    Spider Hunter, 3 minutes, 5 points, Shifting Web.

    Choose the Fire Mage and use your powerful spells to kill the water-gliding bugs and the flying bugs in one hit. Survive long enough and you'll get quick win. Do this 9 more times. You'll need to complete the match, you can't create a game and quit in the middle of it.

  • I just used the method described in the Bouncer achievement for this. Really easy and quick that way.
  • I tried the bouncer method and it didn't unlock. I then just went and did some spider games and it unlocked for me.
  • Also, if you find at any time that you have 30 points already then just don't finish your turn and let the time run out. That way you don't loose points if an enemy kills you.
  • For the 10 hostings just make a 2 square map with a grunt and something else, play as grunt, push, repeat. I just did it a few hours ago so I can say for a fact that it works. It took like 3 minutes...
  • Can you do this with two controllers
  • Nvm I figured out the controller thing. I think this may not unlock in a private match anymore though
  • does anyone play this game anymore
  • I still play this game and instill need to get the achievement for hosting the ten matches. Will boost for this if anyone is interested. Gamertag: Warren 13

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