- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6.5/10 
- Offline: 12/12 (400/400)
- Online: 0/12 (0/400)
- Approximate amount of time to 100012-20 hours (Depending on skill). 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+ replay level. 
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: 2 controllers.


Welcome to Bang Bang Racing, a classic, straightforward old school racing game that will remind you of RC Pro-Am for those old enough. The achievements are not complicated although 2 of them will highly test your patience and determination. There is 2 types of camera angles, a mobile and a fix one. Choose the one that suits you best, personaly I thought the fix one made the game a lot easier.

Step 1: Complete career mode/unlock vehicles (30G):
Overall, career mode is very easy. You have to go through 4 classes for a total of 26 events which includes 4 types of races: Standard race (can be reverse or short), Elimination, Time Trial and Championship. While completing career try to hit red barrels every time you get the chance for the "Bang, Bang Kaboom!" achievement. After career completion you will get the "Cup Collector" achievement. Although you only have to finish amongst the first three racers to unlock Cup Collector you should try to finish first in every event to unlock all the vehicles, which is a must to complete the dreaded Time Trials.

Step 2: Championship/split-screen achievements (250G):
Now that you completed career and unlocked every events you can finally get decent Gamerpoints in championship mode. First of all, go to Championships, then press  and put the difficulty on easy. Connect a second controller and complete every Championships on split-screen for the "Rookie of the Year," "Real Racer!," "Slick on Slicks!" and "The Right Formula" achievements. You also have to complete an entire championship without letting your health go below green. Obviously easier done in The N-Dura Cup, the main threat is the exploding barrels scattered in the map that can deplete your health tremendously with a direct hit. Avoid the barrels and try not to hit the walls too often and you should manage to do it, this unlocks the "Lookin' Good!" achievement. 

Now it's time for some very boring grinding achievements. First of all, you have to complete 10 championships in split-screen. Since you already done 4 if you followed the guide then you only need 6 more. Complete the N-Dura Cup 6 more times with a second player logged in for the "Bang Bang Party" achievement. Now go to Free Play mode, and log another player, then put off the AI and win a 5 laps standard race without using the Pit Lane for "Tis But a Scratch." Then win 9 more 1 lap standard races on split-screen for the final multiplayer achievement: "Perfect Host."

Step 3: Time Trials (120G):
Time to get serious, you have to achieve gold in every race variants with each vehicle classes. There is 6 race variants for each of the 9 maps for a ridiculous total of 216 gold medal you gotta earn for the "Beat the Clock" achievement. When you get the hang of it, you will easily go through most of them but some are very challenging, the hardest map is without a doubt the Layton Raceway. The first two types of vehicles are slower and harder to control so I suggest you start with the Apex class to practice mastering the maps. Set the game to 15 laps, when you complete gold, you can press  to end the race. To know which vehicle is best for each type of map, go to the leaderboard and see which vehicle the best timers used. There is an achievement for beating 00:21:451 on the Sakura Speedway Long map. Use the Apex's Lampo Rosso to beat it for "You Beat Us!"

Overall I enjoyed that game but the achievements ruined the experience a little bit. There already had 2 achievements in split-screen they didn't need to add the 10 championships one. The game is very doable since racing games are not my cup of tea and I still managed to do it. You'll only need practice and a lot of patience. 


[x360a would like to thank SoG Lord Kratos for this Roadmap]

Bang Bang Racing Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 400 points

  • Host and complete 10 Split-screen races.


    Switch off the AI then start and win a 1 lap standard race on split-screen. Repeat 10 times to earn this.

  • Detonate 50 exploding barrels.

    There is 3 types of barrels. Black ones (create a pool of oil when hit), blue (makes the ground slippery) and red. You have to hit 50 red barrels during Career, Free Play or Championships modes.You should get this naturally when completing Career.

  • Win a Split-screen Standard Race of minimum 5 laps without using the Pit Lane.


    Start a 5 laps standard race on split-screen after switching off the AI and easily win the race without using the Pit Lane.

  • Finish every event in Career mode in Bronze, Silver or Gold places!

    You need to complete and earn at least a Bronze medal in all of the 26 Career events.

  • Win the N-Dura Cup.

    See "The Right Formula."

  • Win the Evo GT Challenge Cup.

    See "The Right Formula."

  • Win the Protech Series.

    See "The Right Formula."

  • Complete an entire Championship without ever letting your health drop below green.

    Set the game on Easy, then select the N-Dura Cup. Avoid the exploding barrels the best as you can and try not to hit the walls, use the Pit Lane in every turn and you should get it while racking up your 10 split-screen championships.

  • Complete 10 Split-screen Championships.


    Log a second player then complete 10 Championships on split-screen. Faster done with the N-Dura Cup. If you play all by yourself then upon completing the race you're gonna have to wait 30 seconds for the race to end.

  • Beat our Best Lap Time of 00:21:451 in Time Trial on Sakura Speedway Long.

    Go to Free Play, select Time Trials and choose the Sakura Speedway Long map, select the Apex car class and pick the Lampo Rosso. After a bit of practice you should get it.

  • Achieve Gold awards in Time Trial on all the Track variants in each Class.

    There is 6 track variants for each 9 maps. With 4 car classes equals 216 tracks you have to achieve gold. Make sure you unlocked every car from the Career mode. If you don't know which car to use go to the leaderboard and pick the same car as the guys who achieved the best times. Set the game to 15 laps, when you manage to get gold you can always press Back to end the race. Try to keep track of the maps you completed since there is no sign in the menu that says if you got the gold medal or not. But if you go in a track and in the upper-right of the screen you see names instead of just a gold medal time then it means you already did this. The lower the car class the slower and harder they are to control so try to start with Apex to hone your skills and get used to all the map variants.

    Layton Raceway tips:

    The Layton Raceway is easily the hardest level to achieve gold in time trial. For every vehicle classes use the last type of vehicles. The best strategy is to drift around the corners by holding LT+A. When drifting, try to stay on the pale gray part, it slows you down if you drive on it but it makes you a lot faster when you drift on it, and don't use the shortcut on the shortcuts variant, do the same thing as you did without it. The 2 upper vehicle classes are easier to achieve gold but the N-Dura and Evo GT will give you hell, patience is a virtue!

  • Win the Apex World Trophy

    Go to Championships mode, put the difficulty on Easy then complete and win all of the 4 championships. You can also do them on split-screen to grind 4 multiplayer championships.

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