Get Jiggy Achievement

  • Get Jiggy



    It doesn't matter which two, just successfully collect any two Jiggies.

    Your first Jiggy of the game will be located on top of some rocks to the left of where you enter Gruntilda's lair. That will open up Mumbo's Mountain which contains another ten Jiggies. Collect any of them to get your second Jiggy and the achievement.

    Here is a quick rundown all all the Jiggies in the game and Here is a more thorough walkthrough if you need help at any point.

  • wow gay!!! but easy
  • why two? why not one? i am seriously complaining about this one :P
  • Easy, as soon as you enter the lair go left and jump up the rocks for the first one at the top. Second just go into mumbos mountain and go to the other side of the level and stand on the orange pads then move after the monkey throws a orange. Do that on all three pads and you'll get the second jiggie. Add me on xbox live GamerTag: LTvOrange

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