Mumbo Jumbo Achievement

  • Mumbo Jumbo



    Get yourself transformed by Mumbo Jumbo for the first time. Now that's magic!

    Inside the first world you will need to collect five silver skulls to pay for your transformation. Once you have all five, head into the skull hut to the right of the level's entrance and press X on the skull platform to transform for the first time. Here are the five skull locations:

    1. To the right of the entrance, behind the tower where the purple jinjo is standing.
    2. Next to where Bottles teaches you the egg spit, go to the left and jump up onto the ledges.
    3. Hidden behind a slab near the stone hedge rock formation.
    4. Inside the termite mountain on the second ledge.
    5. Underneath the ramp leading into Mumbo Jumbo’s skull.
  • Can't miss this achievement, can't progress without it in the first world.
  • First world you need 5 skulls then go to mumbos skull. First skull is behind the rock at the start with the jinjo on it. Second skull is on a rock on the mountain at the start Third skull is under the bridge to go into mumbos skull Forth skull is in the ant hill thing about the second leap to go across Fifth skull is on the opposite side of the map to the start and up high on the rocks with the jinjo, go behind it and there will be the last skull after you get them all go to mumbos skull you will transform and get this achievement

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