Chomp Chomp! Achievement

  • Chomp Chomp!



    They're red and no less than 30 of them need chomping. Nuff said.

    In the level Bubblegloop Swamp there will be a large alligator head on an island. Have Mumbo transform you into a small alligator and go inside through the nose. Inside you will play a game against Mr. Vile to eat worms quickly. You will need to eat 30 red ones in the first round of his game. If you can not do it at first, head to the level Gobi's Valley to learn how to use the fast shoes and you will be able to use those to help you move faster.
  • If you are having troubles getting this achievement and havn't visited the desert world, then I would go there first. This is because you learn how to use the fast running shoes from the desert world which can be used for this achievement. It is possible to get this achievement without them, but it is more difficult.
  • i completed the challenge can i get the achievement with out making a new save?
  • what do you have to do to get this? is there a certain world? thank you ^_^
  • NOTE: this achievement CAN STILL BE UNLOCKED even if you beat the red crok before learning how to use the Turbo Trainers [which is highly unrecommended unless you are very skilled at this "mini-game", and you'll want to learn this move from Bottles in order to chomp 30 of the red guys anyway]. Just simply return to Bubblegloop Swamp after learning the move in Gobi's Desert, turn back into a crocodile, and accept the red croc's "re-match"; the newly appeared shoes will make this challenge a snap! However, do be careful, losing the re-match will cost you live[s] after his inescapable chomp attack [believe, I've tried to escape before he bites, it doesn't work -_-], but winning earns you three extra lives [why isn't Gruntilda this powerful? haha!].
  • i was able to get 30 without the speed shoes and still got the achievement so it shouldn't matter when you do it. but yes it is much easier to do with them.
  • This one actually took me a while to get.
  • one of hardest ones for some reason lol

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