The Quiz Master Achievement

  • The Quiz Master



    Complete Grunty's Furnace Fun quiz show and win the Star Prize. Been paying attention?

    First thing you want to do for this achievement is talk to Brentilda (the pink fairy hidden around Gruntilda's Lair) three times every time you see her. Write down or remember well the things she says about Gruntilda. Here are her locations.

    Outside of Click Clock Wood will be a note door that will take you to the second-to-last section of the game, a giant quiz game. If you get an answer wrong during the puzzle, you lose one health. If you answer something wrong on a skull tile, you get thrown into the lava and die. Here is a very thorough walkthrough of the puzzle game, including all the answers (except the game-specific Gruntilda answers which you should have remembered or written down as explained previously).

    Here is a picture of the game board.

    Use this path to get through the quickest/easiest.

    I would suggest though to get the first Joker card on the left and use it to skip one of the Death squares at the end to make things a bit easier.

  • the freaking quiz will be the death of me.... who actually pays attention to kinda of stuff anyway??
  • Banjo Kazooie Fairy answers to Questions to use in Furnace quiz Fairy Near treasure cove picture 1. Brushes her rotten teeth with tuna ice cream 2. Washes her hair with engine oil. 3. Gets clothes from Saggy Maggy’s boutique Fairy near Clankers Cavern Picture 1. Wears a reinforced girdle 2. Has a dog named Legchomper? 3. Grunty and The Broomstick boys Fairy near Click Clock Wood picture 1. Nickname was hog breath 2. Putrid parrot puke was her favorite smell 3. Ghastly grey Fairy behind Gruntilda statue with mote around it. 1. Sleeps on a pile of treasure 2. Only thing she ever won, won the sweatiest socks competition 3. Boasting about appearing on fat hag monthly, Sitting on her broomstick Fairy near Bubblegoop swam take tunnel to the right 1. Favorite sport is Broomstic
  • Fairy near Bubblegoop swam take tunnel to the right 1. Favorite sport is Broomstick Racing 2. St. Dungballs School 3. Her party trick is performing a scary striptease Fairy near Click Clock Wood (not the picture) 1. Favorite past time is Flying radio controlled bats 2. Dirty Berty 3. Baby Dragon as a Pet
  • Fairy near Gobi valley picture (walk a path over lava to get to her 1. Has smelly socks hanging from the ceiling 2. A loogie bush growing in a pot beside her bed 3. You’d be sick if u saw her enormous streaky brown undies Fair in the cemetery far left corner 1. Wartbags keep a shrunken head in pocket for good luck 2. Cuddling a scary teddy bear in bed at night 3. Proud of her broomstick, Top of the notch ranger rough rider deluxe

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