Jinjonatored Achievement

  • Jinjonatored



    Fear the Jinjonator. If you're a witch, that is. The Jinjonator lays the smack down on witches.

    After the above achievement the game will seem to end. Reload your save and return to the quiz area, but now you can freely run across the board and up the stairs where Gruntilda ran to.

    There are five phases to this fight:

    1. Dodge her dive attacks and jump attack when she stops.
    2. Dodge her fireballs and spit eggs at her.
    3. Use the flight pad and dive-bomb into her.
    4. Spit three eggs into each Jinjo statue.
    5. Spit three eggs into each hole on the large Jinjo statue.
  • Banjo-Kazooie has been on XBLA for quite a while now, but, if anyone is interested, I've got a few tips for this achievement. It took me ages to get this and I almost gave up hope, but having cracked it, here are my thoughts. This achievement is awarded for defeating Grunty in the final battle at the top of her tower. The battle itself has 5 stages: 1) Grunty swoops at you on her broom; 2) Grunty hovers at the edge of the tower and you have to hit her with eggs, avoiding fireballs; 3) Grunty takes to the air and you have to fly and attack her from the air; 4) you must shoot eggs into four Jinjo statues; and, 5) you must shoot eggs into four holes in the statue of the Jinjonator, who then defeats Grunty. Here's my tips. Hope they are of some help. They are arr
  • Sorry, didn't realise it'd cut me off, mid-flow. Tips. The numbering matches the stages of the battle. 1) Right at the start, Grunty will swoop twice and then stop. Don't waste time jumping up and pecking her. Get into position and fire off a load of eggs. Stage one done in about a minute.
  • 2) Having avoided her spell, hide behind the battlement in front of Grunty. She will shoot four fireballs and then pause. After number three, run left or right and, as the fourth sails in that direction, run back, jump up and hit her with eggs. Repeat until she moves on. Carry on for each remaining side of the tower. 3) The flying battle is a tricky. My strategy was to stay low (it's harder to hit her from on high) and get close before attacking.
  • 3) (cont.) Good times to hit Grunty are when she stops or when she turns to face you to shoot fireballs. Get in close and blammo! 4) If you've done well so far you'll have plenty of honeycombs and a few spares lying about. Get round the Jinjo statues fast. Don't worry about a being hit a few times.
  • After this you'll have a bit of a wait for the Jinjonator statue to appear. Use gold feathers to avoid damage. You could just dodge the fireballs, but you've come this far, why risk it? 5) Again work fast. If things get too hot, use more golden feathers. Keep going and don't worry about a few hits. I know this stuff may seem obvious to some, but it's only obvious if you know. Top tip: keep calm!
  • very frustrating achievement
  • [url=http://profile.mygamercard.net/lemonlimes249][img]http://card.mygamercard.net/nxe/lemonlimes249.png[/img][/url]
  • Well, Gruntilda's a bitch on her last phase spamming fireballs!! >.
  • @Claudiusratcat Your tips actually helped a lot. I would also recommend watching a video of someone else do it so you know what to expect. It isn't all that difficult, and if you slip up it should only take 2-3 tries. I haven't played this game in like 2 years (this was the last achievement I needed) and it only took 3 tries in total. Just try and conserve all your health and use golden feathers near the end. Also, be sure to fill up everything before going into the fight. Good luck =D
  • Every fucking time I get to the third stage Kazooie refuses to aim anywhere but down and I end up sliding off the edge. Always thought the divebomb was the worst mechanic in the game for inaccuracy, but it didn't matter so much in large stages where you wouldn't insta-death off the world if you missed.

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