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    Bet you thought jigsaws were boring! Bottles disagrees, and has seven of them to be solved.

    Warning: DO NOT do this achievement until you have collected all 900 notes for the  "Music Maestro" achievement. Doing this will remove all the notes from all the stages, making it impossible to get your remaining notes.

    After beating the game, return to Banjo's house in Spiral Mountain and stand at the edge of the carpet. Press Y and look at the picture of Bottles. If done right the game will start. If nothing happens you're not in the right spot, so move and try again.

    There are seven puzzles to complete for the achievement. The puzzles will always break apart in the same pattern so if you are having trouble, try to do the same thing over and over until you get fast enough.

  • Find find this you need to go back to Banjo's house in Spiral Mountain and stand in front of the fireplace. Press Y and look at the painting of Bottles. When he says that the sixth puzzle is the last, he's lying. Just look at the painting again för the seventh and final puzzle.
  • Took me a while, but it wasn't too bad. Kind of fun, honestly. It's practice for when you have to do it in Banjo Tooie each time you unlock a level.
  • easily the most difficult achievement in the game.
  • Time trials are annoying and i suck at puzzles i don't think I'll ever get this one.
  • I'm so bad at these. =p its the last achievement I need too, easy 180. =p
  • I found that for the later puzzles I had to start memorizing where specific pieces go. The puzzle pieces always have the same location around the picture. Also If you are having trouble getting the bottles picture to activate, stand a little closer.
  • whew what a pain in the ass
  • The last one is really making me mad... I miss glass tvs, you could throw your controller at them and not mess up your tv...
  • I did this one after level 5 i think, and I can still collect Music Notes. The problem must have been fixed with the patch.
  • Geez.. I suck at these. I will memorize them I think
  • Hardest achievement ever
  • I had a hard time solving there puzzles until I used this guide: http://tinyurl.com/6v3sly2 Enjoy your 200G / 200G
  • these*
  • Wow that is one complex guide, thanks for the tip, hopefully now I'll be able to get the 200/200 on this game!
  • I've always wondered how to get this
  • This is by far the most challenging achievement to get but was always one of my favorite things to do on the 64 back in the day.
  • Took me awhile to get this, but finally got it lol
  • I had no idea that this mini-game existed before i saw this achievement.. Well. I just love the game, but if there is one thing i love even more, it's the soundtrack. I have yet to play a game with better soundtrack the banjo-kazooie.
  • Wow.. I remember going completely through this on the n64 and never knew about this
  • The only thing that makes this annoying is that you have to listen to goggles every time you fail.

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