- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 12 (200)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 10-20 (see ”Endgame” for details)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No! See ”Cheats” for details
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None

Banjo-Tooie is the sequel Banjo Kazooie (BK). This does mean that you get the most out of the game and will have an easier playthrough if you've played the first game, but it's by no means necessary to have played it to enjoy Banjo-Tooie. Story recap? There's a witch. Go kill her. But since this is a direct sequel you will start the game with the full move set from BK, meaning you will have a lot of different attacks and skills from the very beginning. So if you haven't played BK, make sure to visit all the molehills in the first area of the game to learn what moves you already have.

Cheat Codes
During the game you will come across ”Cheato pages”. By collecting these and bringing them to Cheato in Spiral Mountain you can unlock cheats, which you can then enter and activate in a chamber in the Mayahem Temple stage. The cheats you unlock by doing this will NOT disable achievements or anything else. However, you can also enter these cheats without collecting pages to unlock them. To do this you have to enter ”CHEATO” followed by the cheat spelled backwards (i.e CHEATOSREHTAF for Feathers). Doing this will not disable achievements, but it will disable saving and leaderboards, meaning anything you do after entering the cheat will not be saved.

The achievements in this game are a lot like the achievements from BK, a lot of them are unlocked by performing special tasks on the correct stage, such as beating the boss in Glitter Gulch Mine. The best way to go about the achievements is to just play the game and unlock all stages. The guide tells you exactly which achievement that can be unlocked at which stage.

The final boss of Banjo-Tooie requires 70(!) Jiggys to reach. This means that you can 1.) Spend countless hours on collecting Jiggys or 2.) cheat. This is my mini-guide for beating the game with cheats.

You should not start cheating too early, since you will still need Moves and Notes to buy the Moves. I recommend starting with this around Hailfire Peaks at earliest.

Go to Mayahem Temple and enter the following cheats: (begin every cheat with ”CHEATO”)
This will give you the following:
  1. All worlds unlocked
  2. Infinite feathers and eggs
  3. Homing eggs
  4. Life recovery
There are more codes than this, but these are the most important and frankly all you need. Now you must collect two important Moves that you need to enter the final area of the game:

Name: Shack Pack
Stage: Hailfire Peaks
Cost: 640 notes

Name: Claw Clamber Boots
Stage: Grunty Industries (Floor 1)
Cost: 505 notes

Now proceed to the final area of the game and beat the easy last boss (using cheats).

Useful Links

If you realize you have forgotten to get some of the achievements you can use the codes written above to quickly reach any stage in the game and get it. Just remember, you can't save your game after a cheat has been activated.

[x360a would like to thank xFortyseven for this road map]

Banjo-Tooie Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • He's out for revenge; not once, not twice, but three times. You need to beat him once.

    All you have to do is beat Klungo one time for this to unlock. You fight him right at the beginning of the game, inside the Digger's Tunnel. If Klungo drinks a green potion he'll turn invisible, if he drinks a red potion he'll grow in size. Either way this is when you attack him by rolling into him or shooting eggs. Klungo only has one attack, he'll try to throw gold potions at you while he's behind a force-field.
  • You'll probably end up with many more, but to achieve this you need just one of each.

    This is probably the easiest achievement in the game. Simply collect a single batch of any type of eggs, some notes, feathers and collect one Jinjo. After all four of these items are collected, this achievement will unlock.
  • Kill any 20 bad guys with any of these attacks: Mumbo's wand, your Pants Attack or the Daddy T-Rex.

    By killing 20 enemies with Mumbo's wand attack, Banjo's Pants attack or by using the Daddy T-Rex in Terrydactyland this achievement will unlock. This can be easily done in the first world: Mayahem Temple. Just find and use Mumbo Jumbo and kill 20 enemies there.
  • You’ll find Old King Coal in Chuffy's boiler and he's a bit on the grubby side. Scrub him out!

    The boss of Glitter Gulch Mine: Old King Coal can be found inside Chuffy the Train's boiler. Before you enter the train you have to put it back on the tracks by using the Mumbo Pad nearby. Once Chuffy is recovered, go inside the train as the bear and bird and enter the boiler. To kill Old King Coal just stand on one of the metal platforms and fire away with your Grenade Eggs. Keep shooting the Grenade eggs until he is defeated and you'll unlock this achievement.
  • Separate our heroes for the first time, or hatch a Banjo-Kazooie Stop 'N' Swop Egg with Heggy.

    For this achievement, you have two options. One is you can learn the Split Up move in Witchyworld and use the Split Up Pads for the first time. The other choice is to find a Stop 'N' Swop Egg and hatch it by using Heggy in the Wooded Hollow. The only way to get a Stop 'N' Swop Egg in Banjo-Tooie is to have the Xbox LIVE Arcade version of Banjo-Kazooie and collect the eggs there to transfer them to Banjo-Tooie. Once one of these tasks is complete, the achievement will unlock.
  • Don’t be suckered! You’ll have to freeze every single octopi.

    In Jolly Roger's Lagoon, there are four large, purple octopi in the Atlantis area. They're found in small tunnels blocking you from getting to the other side with their tentacles. Take out some Ice Eggs and shoot all four in the face for this achievement to unlock.
  • Miracles do happen! Bring Sabreman back to life.

    In Hailfire Peaks, near Boggy's Igloo (and Mildred), there is a frozen man named Sabreman. Break open the ice cube above Sabreman to reveal a Mumbo Pad. Go find Mumbo on the lava side of Hailfire Peaks and warp him back to Sabreman. Use the Mumbo Pad to thaw him out of the ice and to get this achievement.
  • Ahhhh, a pretty rainbow. You did that, you old softy!

    In the final world - Cloud Cuckooland - launch yourself with the purple flower at the beginning and find a purple seed in one of the dirt patches by using the Bill Drill move. Find a spot to put the seed and use the Mumbo Pad to make it rain. Once it starts raining, this achievement will unlock.
  • Do it properly this time! Get rid of Grunty and save us from her rhymes. Off with her head!

    For this achievement you'll have to beat Grunty at the end of the game. Not only do you have to defeat Grunty, you also have to destroy the drill tank that she's in. Grunty will let out small blue lasers from her drill tank. The tank will spin around, so you have to hop over these two lasers. After the lasers disappear, Grunty will pop out from the top of the tank and ask you a question. If you answer correctly, she'll use a slower attack on you. If you answer incorrectly, she'll use a faster attack. Enter the Breegull Blaster move and fire Grenade Eggs at Grunty at the top of the tank while avoiding her spells by sidestepping.

    After Grunty has taken a bit of damage, she'll throw more lasers at you. Hop over these lasers and continue to answer her questions and shooting her down. After a while into the battle, Grunty will throw a mortar at you, dodge the missles. After this, just deal with some more questions and witch-shooting. Once again, Grunty will fire a second mortar. Dodge these and answer even more questions and continue to shoot Grunty.

    Finally, something new happens, Grunty will start up the drill and it will begin to drive around in a circle. Avoid the drill coming towards you and the lasers being let out by Grunty. After that, Grunty's tank will stop. Take out your Clockwork Eggs and have the time bomb enter the exhaust port in the back of the tank. Inside the tank will be a bad guy and a battery. Just avoid the enemy and detonate next to the battery. Do this one more time and deal with a couple more questions and Grunty-killing. Grunty will throw some more guys out to attack you. Defeat the enemies and continue.

    After Grunty's health hits 15, HAG 1 will start to let out toxic gas fumes. Before you die from the gas, quickly hit Grunty as fast as possible and hit her one more time at the end while avoiding her last few spells to defeat Grunty. After you beat Grunty (and the game, hopefully) you'll get this achievement.
  • Balloons of any color will do, get 60 points worth or more and you're a winner… sort of.

    In Witchyworld, go inside the Crazy Castle's Pump Room as Banjo and Kazooie split up. Step on both switches to inflate the Crazy Castle. Go inside as Banjo and Kazooie together and go in the open door. Complete the minigame in this room with 60 or more points to earn this achievement.
  • Win a Colosseum Kickball final. The worst scorers rule at this game, so you should be good at it!

    This achievement must be done in the Hailfire Peaks tournament, not Mayahem Temple! First, break open the wall with the crack on it to reveal a path leading to Mayahem Temple. Transform into the Stony and return to Hailfire Peaks. Compete and win in the final for the tournament to earn this achievement.
  • It’s great fun exploding these little lovelies! Any 20 Ulcers, Clinkers or Mines will earn this.

    The easiest place to get this is in Jolly Roger's Lagoon in the Atlantis area. First, find the Glowbo in the silver-colored tunnel and bring to Humba Wumba to transform into a Submarine. Now, find (or warp) the room with the lockers and enter the deep, dark pit at the end. In there you'll have to play a minigame. Just shoot at all the Mines in there until this achievement unlocks.

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