- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 27 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 8-12 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: 0 [World Select Available]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No, play on Normal.
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: N/A
- Extra equipment needed: N/A

Bard’s Gold is a simple, retro 2D platformer developed by Pixel Lantern. This game has a few roguelike features, so death is never much of a setback. Use gems collected from previous runs to unlock and upgrade skills as you progress through the game’s four worlds. There is also a timer to worry about, but if you are continuously moving it shouldn’t be an issue. Each world has seven stages that must be beat, and they are all randomly generated from a small pool of unique layouts. Each world also features a boss at the end of the seventh stage. There are three difficulties in Bard’s Gold, but none of the higher difficulties are required for the completion. Simply play on whatever difficulty you like; I recommend Normal for an easier time completing the game.

Step 1: Play the game normally and beat the four worlds
During this step, familiarize yourself with the game and work on collecting gems for upgrades. If you cannot beat a world boss, keep gathering gems to upgrade your skills and give it another shot. Keep in mind miscellaneous achievements, such as buying items from shops, also make your playthroughs easier. Always utilize the shop discount by shooting the shop sign before entering for a 10% discount. It is also a good idea to keep an eye out for secrets, as they reward a lot of gems and you will need 100 of them for an achievement. Once you’ve completed all four worlds, you should only have a few achievements left.

Step 2: Sell your soul to the Reaper and beat a world without dying.
When you have finished the game, you will unlock the Contract of Reaper skill book, which requires you to sell your soul for gems. Play the first world normally until you arrive at a store, and then choose this item for 1,000 gems. Instead of buying it, you will sell your soul and you'll receive 1,000 gems instead, unlocking this achievement. Finally, you will need to beat at least one world (seven stages) without dying. If you need tips for this, please see "Invincible".

If you are missing any achievements after the above steps, everything can be cleaned up post game thanks to World Select. You do not have to worry about missing anything, so enjoy the game however you please.

Bard’s Gold is a short game that combines platforming and roguelike elements into a fun little game that can be completed in just a few sittings. If you are a fan of either genre, I recommend checking out this cheap game the next time you are looking for a short and simple game.

[XBA would like to thank Foamy036 and Puppys for this Roadmap]

Bard's Gold Achievement Guide

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There are 27 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Collect 1000 Gems in a single run

    This simple achievement requires you to collect 1,000 gems in a single run. You will likely get this during the first world if you survive long enough. Gems spent at shops on a run do not subtract from the total, so feel free to spend willingly.

  • Collect total of 50000 Gems

    This achievement is cumulative across all runs and will most likely come naturally as you beat the game’s four worlds. If you have not earned it by the end of the game, continue replaying World 1 to grind out the remaining gems. It is also worth noting that selling your soul to the Reaper for 1,000 gems does not count as progress towards this achievement.

  • Find a skill book

    There are a total of 11 skill books found throughout the game. This achievement will unlock once you find the first one. For a list of all locations, please see "Bookworm".

  • Make a deal with Reaper

    This achievement is for purchasing an item from the game’s shop. The first shop is available in World 2, Stage 2, and the cheapest item you can purchase is only 100 gems.

  • Simply let the timer run out during any of your runs, and the game will begin raining fire down on your character. The achievement will unlock here, however the game does not end; the stage just becomes harder to complete.

  • Level up a skill

    After dying, you will be taken to a screen and allowed to spend all the gems you earned during a run. Make sure to do so, as all leftover gems are lost when starting a new run. Your upgrades and progress carry over, so only the unspent gems are lost. The cheapest upgrade available to you right away is Maximum Life rank 2, which costs 1,000 gems.

  • Clear the first world

    This achievement will unlock upon defeating King Goo at the end of World 1. Keep in mind that you may need a few upgrades to continue making progress, so do not worry if you die often. Spend your gems on upgrades and give it another go until you have beaten it. If you would like a video guide, CostumeCoverGuy has a great one here:

  • Collect 10000 Gems

    This achievement is cumulative and will come naturally as you work on beating the four worlds.

  • Find All Skill books

    There are a total of 11 Skill books that need to be found for this achievement. There are 12 skills in total, but one is unlocked by default. Here are a list of the skills and their location:

    • Maximum Life: Increases Maximum Life by 1 - Unlocked by default.
    • Extra Gem: Better chance of additional gems from defeated enemies - Defeat a Blood Ghost. These enemies can be found by finding all secrets on either World 1-2 or 1-5. After defeating one, loot the purple chest for this skill book.
    • Extra Time: Increases timer - In World 1-4 or 2-3, there is a secret location called the Tower of Patience. You must first find the tower with either the magic glasses or by listening for a chime. Shoot this area a few times and a hidden door will appear. You must climb to the top and loot the purple chest. This area is tricky because there are purple orbs to deter you and some tight jumps. However you have unlimited time because the timer is paused, so just keep at it until you reach the top.
    • Range Up: Increases attack range - Defeat King Goo at the end of World 1-7 to automatically unlock this.
    • Fire Rate: Increases attack speed - Defeat One Eye in World 2-2. In order to get him to spawn, you need to buy a weapon from the shop in 2-1 and reach 2-2 without dying. If you’ve done both of those, then One Eye will spawn in a room in 2-2. Defeat him to unlock this skill.
    • Huge Gem: Adds huge gems to the game - Collect all map pieces on any world to reveal a treasure room with this skill. There is one map piece per stage, and the hidden room will be revealed once you've collected the sixth on stage 6 of any world.
    • Sharpening Stone: Increase effectiveness of weapon modifier - Defeat the Shadow Reptile on World 2-4 and loot the purple chest for this skill.
    • Contract of Reaper: Allows you to sell your soul for 1,000 gems in any shop - This one is unlocked once you have beaten the game.
    • Twin Axes: Allows you to purchase this weapon in any shop - Defeat the Mech Crab boss at the end of World 3 to unlock this skill.
    • Shield: Start the game with a shield equipped - Defeat MK-SX-SC-1000 boss at the end of World 2 to unlock this very useful skill.
    • Magic Glasses: Start the game with magic glasses equipped - You will need to locate a hidden platform in World 3-4 for this skill. It will either be in the top right or bottom left of the map, depending on your generated dungeon. Once you reach either corner, throw knives around and see if it reveals a platform. If it does, hop up there and shoot left/right to reveal another platform with the purple chest and skill book.
    • Power Up: Start the game with extra power - The final skill is a bit random, but can be found in either World 4-2 or 4-3. Check the top left corner of the map in 4-2, or the top right corner of 4-3, for a hidden platform in the top corner of the screen. Shoot around and see if it pops up in 4-2, and if not, try again in 4-3. Once you hit the invisible platform, it will appear with the skill book.
  • Clear the second world

    This achievement will unlock upon defeating MK-SX-SC-1000 at the end of World 2. Keep in mind that you may need a few upgrades to continue making progress, so do not worry if you die often. Spend your gems on upgrades and give it another go until you have beaten it. If you would like a video guide, CostumeCoverGuy has a great one here:

  • Clear the third World

    This achievement will unlock upon defeating Mech Crab at the end of World 3. Keep in mind that you may need a few upgrades to continue making progress, so do not worry if you die often. Spend your gems on upgrades and give it another go until you have beaten it. If you would like a video guide, CostumeCoverGuy has a great one here:

  • Complete the game

    This achievement will unlock upon defeating Goblin Spirit at the end of World 4. Keep in mind that you may need a few upgrades to continue making progress, so do not worry if you die often. Spend your gems on upgrades and give it another go until you have beaten it. If you would like a video guide, CostumeCoverGuy has a great one here:

  • Sell your soul to the Reaper

    In order to earn this achievement, you must first beat the game to unlock the Contract of Reaper skill book. Play through World 1 until you reach the first shop, and purchase the new item. This gives you 1,000 gems and the achievement. The trade-off is more traps, making the run slightly difficult. Feel free to die on purpose after earning the gems to reset the harder dungeon back to normal.

  • Break 200 vases

    Vases are located throughout the game and drop gems after they are broken. Smash any 200 vases to unlock this achievement.

  • Defeat 250 enemies

    Self-explanatory, simply defeat any 250 enemies across your playthroughs to earn this one.

  • Another self-explanatory achievement that will unlock once you have died 5 times.

  • Unlock 20 chests

    Chests appear randomly during stages and reward gems upon touching them. Fight your way through enough stages and you will earn this fairly early on.

  • Clear a world without losing a single life

    This achievement requires you to beat an entire world (7 stages) without dying once. This is the hardest achievement in the game, but can be alleviated by waiting until you are fully upgraded to attempt this. I recommend doing this on either World 1 or 2, depending on your comfort level with bosses. There are also plenty of helpful items you can purchase from the shop with gems, such as triple daggers, power upgrades, and shield spheres. Take it slow and continue upgrading your character until you are comfortable making a deathless run.

  • Buy a Shield

    Shields can be purchased from any shop for 175 gems.

  • Spend 2000 Gems in shop

    Another cumulative achievement that will come with natural play. Spend 2,000 gems on any items in the shop to earn this one.


Secret achievements

  • Defeat the Blood Ghost

    The Blood Ghost is a hidden boss located in either World 1-2 or World 1-5. To make it appear, you must find all secrets in either world and it will show up. The boss itself is slow and easy to hit, but has a lot of health. Keep moving out of its way and get hits in until it dies. Make sure to loot the chest for the skill book and gems.

  • Find the secret discount

    The discount can be found by shooting any shop sign several times until it begins flashing. This activates a 10% discount on items, and earns you the achievement.

  • Discover tower of patience

    The tower of patience can be found in two locations: World 1-4 or World 2-3. In order to find it, you need the magic glasses to reveal a hidden sparkling area, or listen for a chime if you do not have the glasses yet. Shoot this area enough and a door to the tower will be revealed. You earn the achievement by entering the tower, but make sure to complete it once for the appropriate skill book.

  • Kill the creep of shadows

    This achievement is for killing the Shadow Reptile on World 2-4. Continue exploring this stage until you find the creature, which looks like a giant slug. The Shadow Reptile is fast and hits hard, so try to attack it from range and hop to safety when it gets close. Once again be sure to collect the skill book dropped by this creature as part of the "Bookworm" achievement.

  • Find a bonus level

    In order to find a bonus level, you must collect all six map pieces in a single world. Each stage, minus the boss, has one so be sure to visit every room until you’ve found a piece before moving on to the next stage. Once you have collected all six pieces, a secret door will appear with the bonus level.

  • Find a hidden treasure

    This achievement can be earned on World 1-3. I recommend running around with magic glasses equipped, otherwise it will be way too hard to find due to the randomized stages. Eventually you will find a sparkle indicating the hidden room, and it will contain a bunch of enemies. Defeat these enemies and shoot around for a hidden platform. This will reveal the hidden treasure you are looking for, and unlock the achievement.

  • Find 100 Secrets

    There are plenty of secrets strewn about each stage, usually found in the corners of the map. They can either be hidden doors or platforms that reveal skill books or gems. Once you unlock the magic glasses, keep these equipped and look for sparkling areas that indicate a secret. Once you have found 100 secrets, the achievement will unlock.

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