The End Achievement

  • The End



    Complete the story.

    After you've restored the Bastion completely, you'll have to choose whether you want to restore the old world or stay. Choose the first one to restore the old world. This will only net you this achievement. You won't get The Beginning (Stay and embrace the new world). But since you need a second playthrough for Calamity Kid (Beating New Game +), just pick one choice the first time and the other one the second time around.

  • Anyone know if this is for beating both the story and New Game plus? I beat the game and chose "Evacuation" so I got the other achievement, just wondering if this is for choosing to avert the Calamity?
  • Ok just confirmed. This achievement is for choosing to avert the Calamity at the end of the game.
  • New game plus, here I come.

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