The Beginning Achievement

  • The Beginning



    Complete the story, embracing the New World.

    After you've restored the bastion completely, you'll have to choose whether you want to restore the old world or stay. Choose the latter one to embrace the New World. This will only net you this achievement. You won't get The End (Using the bastion to restore the old world). But since you need a second playthrough for Calamity Kid (Beating New Game +), just pick one choice the first time and the other one the second time around.

  • How do I unlock this I beat the game and did not get this
  • #1 u have to choose the ending where u dont stop the calamity and stay with the 2 ppl
  • I don't have understand how to obtain this achievement
  • At the end of the game, you have to make the choice to: a) Go back in time to restore all that has been destroyed by the Calamity. b) Stay with Rucks and Zia in the post-Calamity world, using the Bastion's evacuation function. You gain this achievement by selecting to stay with Rucks and Zia, "embracing the new world" Know that if you go that if you choose to get "The Beginning", you won't get "The End"
  • Once you finish the game, before starting new game plus, you can select continue and play the last stage a second time. Simply make the choice you didn't make the first time and you'll have both achievements.
  • this game requires 2 run throughs to 100% but its really fun

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