Pet Sitter Achievement

  • Pet Sitter



    Get four different domesticated creatures in the Bastion.

    You need four mementos to get the pets. Those can be found in the areas or bought from Lost & Found later. It doesn't matter. When you get the memento, just go to the people and talk to them about it. Since you also need the other mementos for a Vigil, just buy all of them (or find). They doesn't cost much. Easy as that.

    Important: Buy all the mementos before the Ura invasion. If you don't have all the pets at this part, there is a chance of missing the achievement. So just make sure you always buy new mementos after every mission.

  • I think i only had 3 when i got this achievement, i wonder if that's a glitch
  • I Had 3 As Well....
  • I believe the steam bull counts as a pet, along with the squirt, ankle gator, and whatever that bird is called
  • do all of the pets come along automatically? I let the ankle gator live, thinking that it would come to the bastion as a pet... It didnt lol
  • The anklegator in the bastion is a baby that you find in a level, it's not the same as the boss you fight
  • @4 to get the anklegator u sould of gotten the egg in the same level, seams the bull does count as a pet, the 4 pets in order u get are: Squirt, Steam Bull, Anklegator, Raptor once the bird is in the bastion achievement will pop
  • This achievement can be missed in single playthrough. As each of the pets requires you to pick up the egg or relevant items in game. The pets I have for now are: Windbag Anklegator Bird Steam bull
  • do these actually do anything? i tapped x to (assumed) pet mine, and the old geeser told me to give it a break... :S
  • The 4 pets I got: Squirt Steam Bull Anklegator Pecker Nest

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