Vigilante Achievement

  • Vigilante



    Complete at least 50 percent of the Vigils in the Memorial.

    Refer to Altruist for more information.

  • 50% is 12 Vigils That is how many I had when cheevo popped
  • Don't forget that when you complete the Vigil and it shows a red star over the corresponding Vigil you need to press A to get credit for beating the Vigil. I had all of the Vigils unlocked and had 16 of them with red stars, I kept wondering why the achievmnt never appared then I finally saw the A button in the button right hand corner when I had one of the Vigils with a red star highlighted. Needless to say I gained about 2p,000+ fragments and was able to gain another Vigil or two (the spend a certain amount of fragments and unlock 20 RT abilities). Just wana put this information out incase anyone else over looks this simple asect x_x
  • ** ** that 2p,000+ is 20,000+ and the bottom right hand corner, not ther button right hand corner. Stupid droid autocorrect and x360a without edit feature...
  • Also. When you are trying to get first prize on the machete level, start in the middle and keep killing the green guys in the middle until they stop spawning. Then take oout the corn bins. The blue ones will come after you, the green ones run away, so it makes it a lot easier.
  • I didn't realize that you needed to select them after you completed them. I had 15 unlocked and was wondering why i didn't get the achievement yet. Thanks
  • Thank you, I was also wondering why the achievment didn't unlock. Can't wait for coming back home and continue playing the game: the "money" I'll gain will make my life easier ;)
  • Yes, makes me wonder why they don't unlock automatically. I had completed all of the vigils and none of the achievements were popping up. I was going crazy; thanks for the heads up, guys!

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