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    Complete each trip to Who Knows Where.

    There are three arenas that you'll unlock while playing through the game. Two of them are mementos that you'll have to find or buy from the Lost & Found, if you didn't get them in the area. The last one will be unlocked as part of the story. They are all on the south side of the bastion. Just press when next to them and fight you're way through the 20 waves.

    - Pipe
    - Stockpot
    - Bedroll

    It's best to wait until the end. I like to use the upgraded shotgun, because it is quick, does a huge amount of damage and can kill a whole bunch of enemies at once. You should also equip a few good potions. Get one extra try and 2+ water bottles. this will make the arenas much easier.

    Utilise the roll and counter attack (blocking with when the enemy attacks you). This will instantly kill the towers and some weaker enemies.

  • How do you get to the last "Who Knows Where"? I'm on my New Game +, but I don't remember what the tip was. I've completed the smoking pipe and cooking pot.
  • It's when Rucks gets your sleeping bag.
  • i am playing game three times i don't know where the last Who Knows Where ahhhhh is fu*****
  • The first one is the smoking pot (after you rescue the Zulf), second one is the food cooked by the girl (appear when you nearly got all the cores), the third one is the sleeping sheet, which appears when you bring one of the final shards. Not massively difficult, I once turned one 3 gods still finishes some of it. Good use of shield and hammer or counter can be extremely effective in the final Who Knows Where. Hope it helps.
  • I think its glitched on mine because i completed all three and I didn't get it
  • Towards the end of the game you have to walk towards the pot and the sleeping bag will drop. I'm not sure exactly when you get it but for me it fell in the bastion before the last level
  • On my second play through I had a stack of books appear for a 4th who knows where if that helps anyone who hasn't got it to pop.
  • The bedroll appears once you have fully built all 12 pieces of the Bastion and immediately after you return from saving Zia.

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