Kid-at-Arms Achievement

  • Kid-at-Arms



    Use the Forge to apply at least one upgrade to every weapon.

    Right before the last area in the game, you'll get the last weapon. All you need now is one of five upgrades for each of them. You can find these anywhere and it would be hard not to get one of each, if you also do the weapon challenges. But if you miss all five for one of them, they can also be bought from Lost & Found.

    Now go to the Forge and spend the few bucks on the first (You will probably have upgraded a few weapons already) upgrade for every weapon. It doesn't matter which one. Just don't forget to do it, before you enter the last area.

    - Cael Hammer
    - Breaker's Bow
    - Fang Repeater
    - War Machete
    - Scrap Musket
    - Dueling Pistols
    - Brusher's Pike
    - Army Carbine
    - Galleon Mortar
    - Fire Bellows
    - Calamity Cannon

  • I actually got some question for this achievement... See if there is anyone else can answer that for me thanks. This achievement does not pop up when I upgrade all the weapons I got So how many weapons are there in this game? So far I got bow, hammer, machete, repeater, musket, army carbine, dueling pistol, pike, fire bellows, and calamity cannon. So basically I got 10 now, but I check some sites that there should be 11 weapons, but I don't know which one I missed. Thanks for answering
  • The Weapons in order The Hammer The Bow The Repeater The Machete The Musket The Pistols The Pike The Army Carbine The Galleon Mortar (Excluded from your list) The Fire Bellows The Calamity Cannon
  • You can get the Galleon Mortar on Mount Zand. Early on in the level there is a skiff that you don't use; the Galleon Mortar is on that skiff. It's shortly before you go up a ramp and fight your way through a narrow trail that's blocked by a lot of logs.
  • I've completed the game once, now doing new game plus. I have the galleon mortar in my inventory but it doesn't show up in the forge to upgrade?
  • Never mind just figured it out, I didn't have the upgrade part(something burnt) for the mortar.
  • I don't seem to be able to get this. From what I understand, I need to upgrade at least once for every weapon. I did that... yet nothing.
  • EDIT. Nevermind ... forghot 1 upgrade.

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