Party Pooper Achievement

  • Party Pooper



    Time to break up this party

    This achievement is missable.

    You can only unlock this later on when you have to deal with The Joker. You will be summoned to The Jokers party, head over to the visitors center and beat up the goons outside. Once you enter the visitor center do not walk through to the next area. Beat all the enemies in this hallway and the achievement will unlock once you kill the last one.

  • This achievement is earned right at the end of the game, there are 20 guys waiting in total, 4 outside, 16 in a narrow corridor, they won't attack you unless you attack them, deal with the first 4 outside, head through the jJoker door, regardless to weather your playing on easy, medium or hard, I suggest you take all 16 out, if you run straight through you will miss this and have to do the whole game again as I'm having to do. Best way to do so is set up explosive gel around them, set it off and take as many out while their down as you can, this is also best place to get the 40x combo. I'll write a guide up for that on the achievement. Good luck!
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