Freeflow Combo 40 Achievement

  • Freeflow Combo 40



    Complete a combo of 40 moves (any play mode)

    This is one of the hardest achievements to complete. You will need to string together a comb of 40 hits without being attacked from your enemies. You may find this a little easier with the weapon upgrades as you can pull off far stronger combos and raise your level faster.

    Once you raise your combo level it will turn gold allowing you to pull off stronger hits. You will also be able to take longer breaks between combo attacks on enemies giving you time to think about each move you pull off.

    While fighting with the Titans you can build up a high combo level while riding on their backs and hitting over Jokers men. Just take your time and practice.

    See Freeflow Perfection for combo combination.
  • This is easiest earned at the end of the game when your invited to the party by Joker, take out the 4 guys outside, head through the door and hit one of the 16 guys, jump over them (dodge/avoid) hit, jump, hit, jump repeatedly fast. Should have this one in no time, but make sure you take out all 20 in total to get the 'party pooper' achievement, otherwise your going to have to do the whole game again. Good luck!

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