Mano-A-Mano Achievement

  • Mano-A-Mano



    Take on a beast in hand to hand combat

    This achievement is missable within the story.

    If you miss this achievement within the story mode you can play challenge mode to take on a Titan in the extreme combat challenges.

    This is going to require some patience. Once you first encounter the Titans you need to defeat them using only your fists. If you use the Batarang you will void yourself of earning this achievement.

    Once you start fighting the Titans make sure they run into each other and dodge out the way. Once a Titan is worn down enough and holding it's head start attacking. Make sure to evade side swipes, you may need to attempt this more than once. You don't need to kill both Titans just one.


  • how do you get this? i've completed the game twice and fought the titan monsters and still haven't got this :s
  • In the combat challenges on the first one that involves the titan i think its the third combat one. the titan is on the last wave, let it take out as many of the guys as possible while slowly knocking them out and don't use any batarangs at all b/c the achievement wont unlock. once the titan is all alone jump/evade over his head and use quick/short combos until hes stunned. since you cant stun w/ punches he will get you a few times but with enough health and being persistent you can stun him like if he got hit w/ a batarangs then just finish him off with the normal punching combos and it should work.

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