Freakshow Rodeo Achievement

  • Freakshow Rodeo



    Ride a beast and unleash its power

    You may expect this to unlock when you first fight the Titans but you will earn it later in the game. On your patch you will be taken to the underground sewers which you need to escape. Joker will force you to fight a horde of enemies as well as a single Titan. Throw a quick Batarang and dodge out the way until you have worn down the Titan.

    Climb on his back by pressing to throw a few punches and then climb on, control the Titan with the + and knock down as many enemies as possible before the Titan throws you off. You should get this once you knock down four or five guys.
  • What you need to do when you face one of the Joker's henchmen on "Titan" the first thing they should do is roar swing both arms back and then charge at you. Once you hear them roar, use Batmans quick Batarang or Multiple Batarang (Be sure one Batarang is aimed at him). For the Freakshow Rodeo Achievment to be awarded, you must hit him with a Batarang (You will know if you hit him cause it will slow things down and you should double tap A to jump and roll out of the way of his charge) You hit the Titan powered henchmen in the eye and if there is other henchmen in his way he will just plow over the top of them and he runs into the wall, once he hits the wall he will be weakened that is when you go and attack him just constantly hit X (You get big combo points, but be sure to watch for other
  • Henchmen trying to hit you, but keep hitting the Titan powered henchmen untill he drops to one knee, then you will jump on his back then you need to steer him into the other henchmen then you will get the Achievment

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