Crack The E Nigma Achievement

  • Crack The E Nigma



    Solve every riddle on the island

    Once you solve every Riddler challenge you will be rewarded with this achievement. This may seem quite tedious to start with as there are 240 challenges through Arkham Island but it doesn't take that long to complete. You won't be able to collect every single item from the start of the game, you will need to acquire upgrades for your weapons such as:
    • Answer the riddles
    • Destroy the chattering teeth
    • Find all the stone plaques
    • Collect every audio interview
    • Find all question marks
    • Collect all the Riddler trophies
    You will need the following upgrades to access all the challenge items:
    • Explosive Gel
    • Batclaw
    • Thee Shot Batclaw
    • Cryptographic Sequencer (Distence Upgrade)
    • Zipline
    You won't start out with these items as you acquire them while progressing through the games story mode. Before you panic about missing any of these collectibles you can go back in a free roam style to collect all the challenge items at the end of the game. Just continue from the main menu.

    While playing through the story you will find maps which indicate where all the Riddlers challenge items are located. Make sure you pick up all these maps when you see them to save any hassle finding each item. There not hidden away but they will be on your patch or in plain view.

    If you are stuck on any of the Riddler's questions use the following site:

    Riddler's Challenge Guide

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