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    Solve Arkham's biggest mystery

    You find Chronicles of information documenting the villain's from previous crimes around Arkham Island. they are located everywhere but they are fairly easy to solve. The following guides will help you find any articles you may be missing:

    Arkham East
    Arkham West
    Arkham North
    Arkham Mansion
    Botanical Gardens
    Intensive Treatment
    Medical Facility

    Once you have collected everything and all the stones you will hear from the Riddler one last time. Once he has finished talking head to the Penitentiary and go to the security booth. Head up into the booth and scan the big circle on the floor, the achievement will unlock once you collect this last article.

    If your having trouble finding the security booth its in the same room with Clayface and the mysterious man with one arm.
  • Anyone know how to get this?
  • get all the ammadeus arkham things i think
  • yes, that's right
  • After you've snapped a shot of 23 of the 24 of the Chronicle of Arkham markers, you'll need to track down the final marker. The key to solving the mystery of Arkham is the Warden, whom you last saw in the Security Control Room. Head to this room in the Penitentiary and enter the small central office area. Look on the floor for a circle of scribbles and etchings that say "BATMAN." Enter Detective Mode and take an Environmental scan of this to complete the final Chronicle of Arkham Riddle.
  • Awesomesauce.. Hottnixx that sir/maam was a very detailed answer. Got it first try. TY :D
  • Video Guide, Hope it Helps

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