Baneful Payback Achievement

  • Baneful Payback



    Defeat Bane

    This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

    Bane can be a little tricky on the harder difficulty's. While fighting him make sure you tap the to throw a Batarang and pressing twice to evade his running attacks. Once Jokers men start to drop down and cause your grief make sure to use Bane as an advantage. Once he starts to charge at you get him to knock over the other enemies leaving you with a clear shot.
  • He charges at you throw a Batarang at him, he hits the wall go attack him. Batman jumps on his back and stars ripping off hoses that pump Titan into his body. He gets crushed cause he rips big chunks of the room off to throw at you. *Cinematic takes over: Batman calls the Bat-mobile it takes off towards Batman, Bane comes back and hits Batman to the ground and then he picks up Batman and says "I will break you" Batman says "No Bane I break you" then the Batmobile comes flying towards Batman and Bane, Batman lifts his legs and pushes on Banes chest and the Batmobile hits Bane, Batman falls out of his hands, Bane gets drove into the river.

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