Aggravated Assault Achievement

  • Aggravated Assault



    Stop all assaults in Arkham City

    Ever vigilant, stop all 16 random crimes in Arkham City (Arkham Assault). A crime is taking place when you are picking up hostile chatter in the Local Surveillance feed. Use detective mode to track who is talking, then knock out the henchman to free the Political Prisoner. The map will sometimes display a pulsing hexagon in the location of a crime even when you're not close enough to hear the chatter, so check your map often.

  • I wonder if this will be a strange combination of Fist-Fights and GTA4's stranger missions.
  • prolly a story cheevo.
  • random npc's will be attacked and call for help just help them out .
  • #3 is right. This one starts at the very beginning of the game but will take you the entire game to finish. Just glide around listening for distress calls then save the people making them. There are a LOT of these. All of them are easy though.
  • You need 25. I'm left with only this and Calendar Man for 100%. Anyone know any good spawn points? Seems like I've gotten a couple near the riddler hostage location behind the church.
  • Make that 16.
  • These are hard to find i think, ive found every collectible and beat the game and only got 70% for that side mission.
  • @5 take your Xbox off live and change the dates on the system settings to the dates on the wall next to calendar mans cell.
  • GOONS! :D
  • 90 percent, last one not showing up..
  • I should have done thees earlier :(, I can't find any more people to save now
  • Do these just pop up randomly, or is there some way I can make them come in quicker?
  • All I need to do is finish this side mission and then I'll have the Perfect Knight-DAy 2 chievo. Anybody know how to trigger them? I'm stuck on 76 percent and have already beat the campaign. plz,plz plz.
  • If you need help with this achievement, go look this video on youtube it shows all the place of the 16 assault
  • Instead of a video.....Here is a map that worked for me when I was stuck @ 90%
  • @15, Thanks Kraize. Video's take way too long. I'm a visual guy.
  • I just found the last guy after months of looking on and off. This cheeve is the most randomly occuring one ive had to dealth with in any game i can remember
  • @16 What videos aren't visual...

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