Conundrum Achievement

  • Conundrum



    Rescue the first hostage from Riddler

    You do not need to collect any Riddler Trophies for this hostage to be available.

  • heres a hint all the achievement titles for the riddler hostage achievements are the words used by the cryptographic sequencer one of batman's gadgets to disable a trap set by the riddler
  • im guessing this would be considered a missable achievement?
  • @2 no as it relates to riddlers trophies and riddles which can be solved anytime during the game and also after the game (just like asylum)
  • This one was super easy.
  • Well I rescued the hostage in the courthouse... and the achevement didn't pop up. WTF mate?
  • Disregard that, I suck cocks.
  • ok i go to the spot where the hostage is and there is nothing?
  • i second # 6... for future people... investigate the "brick" wall with the question mark.
  • I rescued the first hostage in the courthouse bit didnt get the achievement :(
  • Is it possible not to save them?
  • This achievement is not missable. You unlock hostages by collecting a certain number of riddler trophies and secrets. Only the hostages that you unlock from the enigma cube are the ones that count toward the achievement. The hostage you rescue in the courthouse DOES NOT COUNT.
  • I made a video on how to get this
  • Thanx dave. That helped.
  • Thanks for the vid

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