- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 12 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 100050+ Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None 
- Extra equipment needed: None

Battle Academy is a tactics game with some war game elements, set on the western front of WWII. The game comprised of eight campaigns that each consist of eight to ten stand alone scenarios that can be completed in any order and one 'carry-over' campaign where the missions must be completed in order. 

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
For the normal campaigns necessary to complete every mission in each campaign to unlock the respective achievement. Missions can be completed in any order, but typically it's best to complete them chronologically as they progressively will get more difficult. During a game it is possible to save the game and to change the difficulty at anytime, and will not affect achievements.

There are three difficulties. The hardest is 'Normal' where the same rules apply to you and the enemy. However, the enemy will usually be defending, and have more and better units than you. In general, it's usually possible to complete the mission without too much trouble, but earning all of the stars can be very difficult. Easy gives your units a significant boost to attack. Missions that may seem impossible on normal will feel much more manageable here. Finally there is very easy, which gives the bonuses of easy and removes the accuracy penalty from fast movement. This essentially breaks the game, as the AI is capable of countering this.

General Tips:
Always buy as much artillery as possible. - It is invaluable for suppressing enemy units and softening up hardpoints.
Bypass enemy hardpoints when possible 

Battle Academy is a simple and easy, but time consuming completion, even on the lowest difficulty.

[XBA would like to thank Merch for this roadmap]

Battle Academy Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete the Tutorial.

    Self explanatory. Play this first obviously.

  • Complete the Western Desert campaign.

    Play this campaign first. The first few missions are basically an extended tutorial, featuring raids on lightly equipped enemies. The battles will progressively become larger and more difficult, and both you and the enemy will receive more advanced equipment.

  • Complete the Battle for Normandy campaign.

    This is a large step up in difficulty from Africa. The enemy will have plenty of well armored tanks.

  • Complete the Battle of the Bulge campaign.

    This campaign has two parts. In the first part you will be defending against an overwhelming German attack. The second part is the Allied counterattack, these missions are actually more difficult due to the strict time limits. It's important to focus on taking the capture points and to avoid fighting entrenched enemy forces wherever possible.

  • Complete the Blitzkrieg France campaign.

    Despite playing as the Germans this time, the enemy will once again have tanks with better armor and weapons.

  • Complete the Market Garden campaign.

    Market Garden is the carry-over campaign. All missions must be completed in order from the same save game. Preserving the British paratrooper force in Arnhem is paramount, as they receive almost no reinforcements. These missions are very difficult, and unit preservation is key as the later missions will be impossible to complete if early mission casualties are too high.

    The missions with the US Paratroopers and British armored force are much easier and will receive generous reinforcements. 

  • Complete the Operation Sealion campaign.

    This campaign consists largely of an insurgent campaign against a German invasion of Britain. Your forces will largely consist of militia and improvised armed vehicles in addition to some normal infantry and vehicles. In some later missions commandos and boats will be available. The German units are early war, if you've played the 'Blitzkrieg France' campaign you'll be familiar with them.

    2.) Make sure to keep at least one AA gun alive, around turn 12 the enemy will call a single airstrike on your four-inch gun truck.
    3.) The sturmpanzer is on a hill near the top, middle of the map.
    5.) German Paratroopers will appear behind the bridge around turn twelve. Leave a couple infantry units behind to deal with them.
    7.) Each of the purchasable boats includes a free scout. The 'Capture the Bridge' award is glitched, it seems to work the opposite of what it says. 

  • Complete the Operation Husky campaign.

    This campaign is fairly average as difficulty goes. The main thing is that the maps in the later missions are very large, and the time limits are tight with critical capture points being at the far edges of the map. It's necessary to think ahead when moving your units due to the distances involved, and to focus on capturing the points.

  • Complete the Rommel in Normandy campaign.

    The missions in this campaign parallel the missions of the main Normandy campaign only you play as the bad guys this time. Difficultly in the campaign is variable but is generally low as the AI is incapable of effectively countering the thick frontal armor of your Panther tanks.

  • Complete the Fortress Metz campaign.

    This is probably the toughest campaign in the game. The maps are very densely packed with enemy fortifications.

  • Kill a Kingtiger using a standard Sherman.

    The standard Sherman is only capable of penetrating the armor of the Kingtiger at point blank range or from behind at short range. There are three ways to do this: flanking and shoot it in the butt, from within a few squares, ambush, this works best by hiding a sherman beside a road the king tiger is driving, a point blank reaction shot will have a decent chance of a kill, or suppress it will offmaps, artillery and other AT units then go in for a point blank shot. Note that attacking a suppressed enemy point blank will have a chance that the enemy will surrender even if the attack fails, which will count towards the achievement.

    Kingtigers will only appear in the Battle of the Bulge and Fortress Metz campaigns. You will likely get this achievement by necessity, as normal Shermans will make up the bulk of your armored forces and Kingtigers are present in generous quantities in most missions. 

  • Gain any 100 different Awards.

    Every mission has two to five optional objectives that will each reward a star if completed. These range in difficulty from freebies, to extremely difficult to complete in normal difficulty. Stars can be earned on any difficulty and it is not necessary to complete the mission for them to count. There are over 300 awards available, and this achievement will be earned in normal play around the half way point.


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