- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10 
- Offline: 26/30 (365/400)
- Online: 4/30 (35/400)
- Approximate amount of time to 40030+ hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4 
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
- Glitchy achievements: "Melee Master" and "Weapons Master."
- Unobtainable achievements: "Jail Breaker" (Fixed with Title Update).
- Extra equipment needed?: None. A second controller and a mic would be helpful for local and online co-op respectively.

Welcome to Battleblock Theater. Fans of 2D platformers, puzzles, co-op, multiplayer brawlers and poop jokes alike will find much to enjoy here. 

Normal Story: 
Doing the story for the first time on solo is recommended, but co-op is fine as well. The story is paced well giving you time to learn all of the games mechanics, co-op being marginally more difficult due to sometimes finicky co-op mechanics.Try to collect as much gems and yarn as possible. After completing a typical playthrough you should have earned roughly enough items to unlock all of the weapons, and complete one set of characters.

Encores and Story Mop Up: 
Encores are challenge levels, three are unlocked after completing each world. I would recommend completing the story mode before attempting these. After completing all of the encores you will unlock an achievement and a moderate amount of satisfaction. Depending on how much you plan on playing the arena modes, replaying normal levels and collecting missed items and improving ranks may be necessary to earn enough gems to unlock all of the characters.

Arena, Trading and Community Levels: 
The four achievements that require online are can all be done by joining or hosting a public game and having random players join. Arena VS wins done both online and offline will count toward the achievements All that is needed here is one win in each arena VS game mode, as Finales and encores completed in the story mode will count toward the 100 wins. The arena VS are time to use all of the melee moves and weapons, as well as some other special moves that can only be done in specific gametypes. 

Insane Story: 
Insane story mode is identical to normal story, apart from the fact that a player death will force you to restart the level. Having all weapons unlocked and being familiar with the levels and gameplay mechanics will be a big help here.

Mop Up and Gem Farming:
 Even after completing the story four times it is still unlikely you will have enough gems to unlock everything. It will be necessary to go back to story levels and increase your score, play/farm arena mode, or play enough of the Furbottom's Feature levels to get enough gems to complete the game.

Distractor08 - For carrying me through insane co-op, and showing the glory of the bubble and some other gameplay tips.

[x360a would like to thank Merch for this Roadmap]

BattleBlock Theater Achievement Guide

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There are 30 achievements with a total of 400 points

  • Complete the story's opening sequence in any mode.


    Start the story mode and complete the prologue.

  • Complete the first four finales in any mode.


    See "Hat’s Off."

  • Get an A++ in 10 levels.


    To get an A++ grade in a level you need to collect all of the gems, the ball of yarn and complete the level under par time. Easy to do on the early levels, the times are generous and you can retry the level to increase your score if necessary. Completing the same level in different modes (Co-op, insane) will stack. Additionally getting the A++ on a level will reward you with 2 bonus gems. 

  • Get a letter grade in every level (except Encores) in Normal Solo Story Mode.

    Complete every level in Normal Story mode solo. This does not require the secret levels or the encores. 

  • Get a letter grade in every level (except Encores) in Normal Co-op Story Mode.


    The levels in Co-op are for the most part very similar to their single player counterpart but with either added obstacles that require co-op to overcome, or the puzzles are modified to require two players to complete them. It is possible to matchmake with random players online, it is possible to complete levels with different partners, once all the required levels have a letter grade it should unlock. Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find people to play with online.

  • Get a letter grade in every level (except Encores) in insane solo story mode.

    Insane mode levels are exactly the same as the normal mode equivalent, but there are no checkpoints and if you die you will start from the beginning lose all of the items you are carrying. Remember that only three gems are required to activate the exit, and in a typical level at least three are simple to collect. The acid bubble can be extremely useful, as jumping on top of it it will provide you with an extra jump. It is often possible to skip puzzles and even sections of levels by utilizing it. The dart gun has some situation use, when there's not enough room to use the bubble effectively. Replaying normal levels to get an A++ rank is a good way to practice and earn some gems at the same time. If a secret level is activated and then completed, the story level that contained it will count as completed.

  • Get a letter grade in every level (except Encores) in insane co-op story mode.


    This will likely be the most difficult achievement in the game. If either player dies it's game over. However only one player needs to reach the exit to complete the stage, if the other player dies or times out after the other player has reached the exit the stage will count as complete. Completing the game on Co-op normal then moving onto insane with the same partner if possible would be a good way to get familiar with the Co-op mechanics and levels. Good communication would also be helpful for completing these as painlessly as possible. Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find people to play with online.

    As in Solo Insane Mode, the Acid Bubble is extremely useful and will often allow one player to traverse obstacles that would otherwise require a co-op action. In some places however throws, grabs and up attack pushes will be necessary to proceed. Jumping on top of the other player's will act as a platform, this will work when they are climbing or in the air. As only one player needs to reach the exit, some levels can be made much easier by having one player stay behind at a switch or an inactivated exit.

    Co-op mode has some additional challenges related to the design of the game. In both online and local play, the screen will zoom out as the players get further apart, making it harder to see. However you will often not want to stay close to your partner, as players impacting each other will very commonly lead to death. In online play exclusively there are problems with lag. It will often be lethal for the joining player to pick up rocks, so plan to have the host do all the heavy lifting. Sometimes lag can get more severe to the point where co-op actions won't work properly, the joining player will fall through lifts, and weapon-tools will activate late to the point of being useless. If this starts happening it could be a good time to take a break or reset your router, nothing is more frustrating than a good run ruined by the game glitching out.

  • Complete all the Encores in any mode.


    Three encore levels are unlocked in each chapter after you complete the finale, for a total of twenty-four levels. Recommend not starting these until completing the story on normal, since these levels are some of the most challenging in the game and will require some more advanced moves to overcome. Like the Finales, these levels are all on a timer and if it runs out it's game over. The time limit on some of these is quite strict, so some practice and memorization will be necessary to succeed. Additionally activating a checkpoint will add ten seconds to the clock. Easiest to do on solo normal.

  • Collect 10 Golden Hats.


    Sometimes you will be randomly notified that a Golden Hat has appeared in the level, and indicate in what direction from you it has spawned. This can happen in both story and arena games, in story levels it will almost always appear in front of you, unless you are at the end of the level. You will then to collect the hat, then carry it to the end of the level, or hold it until the time ends in arena modes. If you die while carrying the Golden Hat it will most often be left where you were killed, however some obstacles such as water pits will destroy it and it will be lost forever. Dying in insane mode will also make the hat disappear. In co-op or arena games, only the person who is holding the Golden Hat at the end of the match will get credit for capturing it. If you are having difficulty getting the Golden Hats to appear, the hats have a chance to appear at anytime, so idling or spending a long time in a story level will increase it's likely hood of appearing. You can check how many Golden Hats you have by pausing the game (), then scroll over and select Player Stats, and then press  again.

  • Get a letter grade in all eight finales in any mode.


    The finales are the last two levels of every story chapter, accessed by entering the big cat head. Unlike the main story levels, there is a limited amount of time to complete the each of the levels. This is pretty much the same thing as completing the story in any mode.

  • Be on the winning team in 100 arena matches.

    Winning any of the VS arena modes either offline or online will count toward this. Completing a Finale or Encore in story mode or a user level will also count towards the achievement.

  • Be on the winning team in one arena match of every mode.

    Win a game of each of the eight different Arena VS game modes. This can be done both online and offline, or in combination.

    • Soul Snatcher
    • Muckel
    • King of the Kill
    • Color the World 
    • Grab the Gold 
    • Ball Game
    • Capture the Horse
    • Challenge Mode (Completing a Finale or Encore in any mode story will also count towards this.)
  • Free a fellow prisoner.


    You can buy prisoners from the dispensers on the first floor of the gift shop. You begin the game with ten gems, so this can be unlocked as soon as the gift shop can be accessed.

  • Get yourself a cool new weapon.


    You can buy weapons from the cat guard on the top floor of the gift shop. The cost five yarn for a random weapon. There is one yarn hidden in every story chapter or Furbottom's Feature level.

  • Free 50 prisoners in the Gift Shop.


    Prior to the first title update this achievement was glitched and unobtainable. For anyone who has passed the fifty benchmark before the patch, buying one prisoner from the machines will unlock it. If all prisoners have been unlocked before unlocking the achievement, then it is necessary to trade one prisoner away and then rebuy them from the machine.

  • Collect all the prisoners of one head shape.


    Each of the four prisoner machines dispenses prisoners of a certain head shape, as indicated by the sign above each machine. Assuming that only prisoners from one head shape are bought initially, it will take 830 gems to unlock them all. The prices of the heads will increase from 10 gems each, to 15 gems and finally 20 gems for the last few heads of the set. It is also possible to trade with other players for some of the heads to complete the set. There are 64 characters total in each set. 

  • Free all the prisoners in the Gift Shop by unlocking or trading.


    There are 257 heads required required for the achievement, consisting of all the heads in each of the four basic head shapes, and the plain Star head. The rest of the star heads are special and obtained from proms, and don't count towards the achievement. When starting the game, every player will start with one additional random head of each of the four different head shapes. Prisoners initially cost 10 gems each, but the price will gradually increase by 5 gems until they cost 30 gems a piece. The total number of gems to unlock every prisoner solely from the venting machines is close to 4500. Gotta catch em all.

    Even after completing the story in all four modes it is unlikely that you will have enough gems to buy all of the heads. Replaying levels to get the A++ will earn you two bonus gems in addition to any gems you missed before. Another ten gems are earned for carrying a randomly occurring Golden Hat to the exit. Gems can also be earned in 'Furbottom's Feature,' which has a single player and a co-op chapter that changes every other week. Finally gems can be earned in the arena mode. Four gems for a win, one for a loss and a bonus gem for the MVP(Most Violent Player.) 

    The fastest way to earn gems to to grind arena matches offline with a dummy controller, then set up a game of muckel, once the game starts kill your dummy once and then let to two minutes run out. Repeat as necessary. This will earn you five gems per game, four for the win and one for the MVP(most violent player) bonus. Additionally the dummy will earn one gem per game, these can then transferred to the main using the trading booth (Make sure dummy account is not a guest, or the game will not allow you to trade).

    Here's a chart from the Behemoth that shows all of the regular characters in the game:

  • Collect all the weapons in the Gift Shop by unlocking or trading.


    There are thirteen weapons total, twelve of which you will need to buy for a cost of 60 yarn. This should be doable in a standard playthrough. Trading for weapons is an option, but there is really no reason to do it since there is way more yarn in the game than needed for this.

  • Make a trade with someone.


    There are trading stations are on the top floor of the gift shop, to the right of where you can buy weapons. This can be done offline, however guest accounts cannot trade. The controls for trading are:
    Press the  when indicated to enter the booth, and once both player are inside press  to access the trading menu. Scroll and press to select the item to trade, or press  to view the other player's items and then scroll through and press  to request an item from the other player. Press  to accept the trade, then press  again after both players have finalized the trade.

  • Trade online with ten different players.

    Upon starting an online game, or in the intermission between rounds you will have the opportunity to enter the gift shop and trade with any of the other players in the match. Often random players are more interested in trading and messing around in the gift shop than playing the actual game mode. Can you blame them? Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find people to trade with here.

  • Get 100 kills.


    This includes both cats killed in the story and people killed in the arena. Will come very quickly playing arena VS games. If you want to check how many kill you have, pause the game (), scroll over and select Player Stats, and then press  again.

  • Play with the Behemoth or someone with this achievement in an online game.


    Standard viral achievement, should be nearly impossible to play a game online and not get this. Will will unlock immediately upon starting a game with someone who has the achievement.

  • Successfully use every melee attack move.


    Here’s is a list of all of the moves you need to use. You need to successfully hit an enemy for the attack for it to count. Despite the description, you will need to hit an enemy with a weapon for the achievement to unlock. People in the arena and the cats in the story levels both count. An easy way to do this is to sign in a second controller, start up a game in any mode and then just wail on them. If are you unsure which attacks you are missing, pause the game (), scroll over and select Player Stats, and then press  again. 
    List of required attacks:

    •  = Shove
    • (near enemy) = Punch
    • -Up +  = Up Attack
    • -Side +  = Slide
    • -Down +  = Low Kick
    • -Down +  = Upper Cut
    •  then (while the air) = Clunk 
    • (near enemy) = Judo Throw
    •  = Use Weapon (This may actually be hitting an enemy with the disk, I'm not sure)
  • Use each weapon successfully.


    To use a weapon press , you need some distance between yourself and the enemy or you will punch them instead. All of the weapons function different and the criteria of using them successfully varies between them. Despite the description, it is necessary for the achievement that you preform a Head Jump kill, and get killed by a Head Jump and also get a Head Jump Stun and get stunned by a head jump stun. The Head Jump kill only be done in the ‘Soul Snatch’ or 'Color the World' arena modes, and the Head Jump stun can only be done in the 'Grab the Gold' arena mode. If you are unsure which attacks you are missing, pause the game (), scroll over and select Player Stats, and then press  again. 
    List of required attacks:

    • Hit an enemy with the Disk.
    • Kill enemy with a Disk explosion. This works on a timer, it will explode a couple of seconds after it has landed
    • Hit an enemy with the Paper Airplane.
    • Kill an enemy with a Paper Airplane explosion. Press  again to detonate it.
    • Kill an enemy with the Wall Hugger (Bomb frog).
    • Kill an enemy with the Acid Bubble.
    • Kill an enemy with the Fireball.
    • Kill an enemy with the Grenade.
    • Hit an enemy with the Iceball.
    • Hit an enemy with the Dodgeball.
    • Hit an enemy with the Dart.
    • Hit an enemy with the Boomerang.
    • Use the Forceball
    • Use the Fan
    • Use the Vacuum.
    • Kill an enemy with the Head Bounce. This is not weapon related. This is only possible to do in the Arena VS mode 'Soul Snatch.' Jumping on the head of an enemy in this mode is lethal to them.
    • Get killed by a Head Bounce. Have an enemy jump on your head in 'Soul Snatcher'.
    • Get a Head Bounce Stun. Jump on an enemy's head in the arena VS mode ('Grab the Gold', 'Color the World', etc).
    • Get stunned by a Head Bounce Stun. Let and enemy jump on your head in the arena VS mode ('Grab the Gold', 'Color the World', etc).

    Getting killed/hit with weapons may also be necessary for this. If you've done everything on the list and have still not unlocked it, go through the stats page and make sure you have at least one in everything.

  • Play and rate 10 user-created levels.


    User levels are located under ‘Furbottoms Features.’ When you complete or quit a community level the game will give you the option to rate it. Do this ten times. Rating the same level multiple times will count each time you rate it.

  • Download and host a game of user-created levels.


    For this you need to host a online co-op game on a user created level. It will unlock when you end the match and go to the rating screen.


Secret achievements

  • Find a secret level.


    There is one secret level hidden in each world, hidden within one of the story levels. The location of access to a secret being nearby is indicated by a one-eyed flamingo thing. This will unlock immediately upon entering the secret level.
    List of secret level locations: 

    • In level 1-7 drop down below the first laser through the fake floor.
    • Level 2-2 After the extended corridor of hot coal blocks, break the second explosive block over a hot coal block, then launch through the fake floor into the portal. Go all the way to the right to activate the secret level
    • 3-9 Jump off the dart fired by the enemy onto the wall to the platform on the left. This after the long corridor with lasers on the floor and ceiling.
    • 4-7 At the very beginning use the hot coal blocks jump up and grab the block. Go back to the start and wait until the laser fires, then immediately drop down onto conveyor belt 
    • and then throw the block onto the conveyor belt to the left. Follow it and grab it again, then throw it so it lands on the conveyor belt at the very bottom. Follow it all the way to the end, then jump up to the platform to the right.
    • 5-8 After going through the teleporter, use the last launcher at the end of the belts and disappearing blocks, to go through an invisible wall and reach a higher area.
    • 6-2 After you get the helipack, boost across to the hot coals and launch off them, then use the heli pack to fly over the second set of coals and land on the one block with no spikes on the far right. After you drop down go to the tree on the left
    • 7-6 After activating the circular saw that press the two switches, go to the start of the path that led to the jet pack. Jump over the first saw obstacle then jump up to the area that is now accessible behind the brown disappearing blocks.
    • 8-3 after the long corridor with lasers where you avoid on the top and bottom by climbing on the rails, jump through the fake wall between the laser transmitters
  • Kill your teammate 50 times.


    Who doesn't love multiplayer achievements which encourage people to play badly and harass their teammate? The Fireball is the best weapon for inflicting collateral damage in the game. The fastest is way to do this is to sign in a second controller and start a co-op story. In the starting room use the fireball to repeatedly kill the second player.

  • Die enough times and we give you a prize.


    The number of deaths you need is 600. Stacks across all modes. Will come with natural progression, you will die often in the later story levels and in the arena.

  • Get eaten alive.


    For this you need to get killed by one of the large raccoon with antlers monsters. They start appearing midway in world 2. Another one you should get without trying, these become very common obstacles later on in the game.

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