Doze this Achievement

  • Doze this



    Perform 7 kills in one life with Dozer's SOB-8 Ballistic Shield

  • I've made a portal map for multiple achievements. So here it is!

    This glorious portal map will get you several BF2042 achievements super fast! I got Aerial Destroyer, CQC Specialist, Dead In Their Tracks!, Doze this, Deadshot, One Careful Owner, A bird? A plane? and Good Company within 10 minutes! You could probably milk several other chevos in this sandbox too.

    Map Name: Achievement Sandbox
    Experience Code: aakm37

    You or Squad (of 4) vs 60 Bots
    Conquest on Orbital
    Max Damage
    Max Projectile Speed
    No Fall Damage
    Bots Only Have Transport Helicopter's

    Go wild and enjoy those easy achievements!

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