Involuntary Euthanasia Achievement

  • Involuntary Euthanasia



    Kill the 2 soldiers before the building falls on them in Uprising

    During the mission "Uprising", you will come across a bus where you will get ambushed. Dispatch of the enemies here and come out the other side of the bus. As you step forward, the building in front of you on your left will become unstable and start to collapse. Quickly shoot the 2 enemies standing underneath (sometimes only 1 will be there) before the building crushes them.

    Alternate method: Throw a grenade from the bus to kill the 2 guys.

  • Seems a bit pointless to be honest...
  • @#1 yeah, unlike all other achievements...
  • Love the name. Not sure if I will want to shoot them instead of seeing the building topple down on them though.
  • @3 I agree. Watching the building fall on them sounds so much cooler.
  • hope you can reload checkpoints so i can do both
  • played through this entire level without spotting the falling building. Guess I must have missed it!
  • @#6 >..> you're pretty blind then. After getting a weapon and clearing the area in fron of the garage of enemies you'll get to go into the garage. Enemies open the door kill all three make your way towards the bus. once there about half way through the bus itll get rocket launched the area where the enemies the rocketed you are is where the achievement takes place. After they are all down (3 of them) the second you come off the back of the bus the building next to your destination will collapse on the two approaching enemies. I haven't killed them yet though it all happens way to fast.
  • Sorry for the double post but I got the chevo an wanted to share how I had done so. After clearing the enemies that rocketed the bus head to the back of the bus but dont get off. Zoom in and look at your surroundings near the building youll see a car on the left hand side behind what I think is a trash can and near some fires you cant miss it. Toss a grenade and try to get it near the car the enemies are in that area and wont move until you come off that bus so if you miss youll have other chances so long as you stay on the bus.
  • just after entering the school bus!
  • here is my Vid
  • Pretty easy achievement, i got it on my second try, on hard difficulty
  • Predni has the BEST vid to get it. Turn your brightness up a bit to catch the guys head poking out. Clip him (it'll disappear), then book it and drop the guy on the left -can't miss him.
  • dont step outside the bus.. just chuck a few grenades while at the edge of the bus and the cheevo should pop. worked for me!
  • GOOD CALL #8
  • This achievement was actually quite easy thanks to grenades.
  • I made a video on how to get this achievement the easy way
  • I just throw a lucky grenade from some cover and got it. It was awesome.
  • I got frustrated with this one. You can't kill them with bullets, or at least I was shooting straight at them, and unable to hit them, you have to throw a grenade at them, makes it fairly easy. If you throw a grenade between them fairly quickly, you'll get it.
  • By far 16 has the best way to do this... just stand at the front of the bus, these gues are walking around, just shoot at their lights, and it'll pop. good luck
  • Yep, #16 is the easiest by far. Still not too hard if you want to do it the scripted way. Guy on the left appears first followed by guy on the right. Try and get out of the bus fast and up the hill so you have a better view. You do get a fair amount of time (although not much!), make sure your aim is steady and don't panic. I also found using single fire is a great help for the hard playthrough.
  • #6,#7 Very clear. Got it first go, just lobbed a grenade towards the dustbin (trash can).
  • Just don't leave the bus and chuck a grenade over there
  • lol poor rat at the startish of this level
  • #16 has the easiest method for achieving this one. Took me one time after watching the vid.
  • I Thank you #16 , that is the easiest method to get this achievement !
  • I got it by throwing a random grenade where the building collapses onto.
  • very easy just follow #8's Instructions
  • Go to the bus exit, but stay inside the bus. Crouch and lob all the grenades you have as far as you can. I killed them this way on Normal difficulty.
  • Really easy, if you miss it reload the check point and try again, I got it on hard, and i died once before i got there too.
  • Stay in the bus and shoot at the lights or when you miss restart checkpoint
  • I managed to kill them with 4 shots. I used a kh2002 in semi auto. (press down on the d pad to switch between 3 round burst and semi auto.
  • easiest way to get this is to throw a grenade from the doorway of the bus before you step off that way if you fail to kill them with your gun the grenade will get them. If you mis s the achievement then restart from the checkpoint. This can be done on EASY!
  • good video guide of the achievement
  • I just stayed on the bus. You can shoot both of them from the bus, unlocking the achievment
  • My vid with commentary very good:
  • From the entrance of the bus (don't leave else you will trigger the collapse), crouch and aim at a nearby street-lamp (ahead, up and slightly to the left). At this point, lob a grenade and you should take out both targets.
  • Couldn't you just shoo them both? or does the building fall really fast? I haven't goit to this part in the sotry yet to be honest hahaha.
  • am i the only one who found it really hard? :) thank you so much, Predni!
  • got this on easy on 2nd try w/ #10 video, #16 video may also work too
  • I Got this one.. ! easy. just make sure you watch someones youtube video. expecially the advice of NOT leaving the bus before you take out at least one of these goons.
  • Here is aan awsome vid for the achievement
  • throwing a grenade is definitely the easiest way
  • Great video on how to get this achievement
  • You can always just throw a grenade over there and i SHOULD kill them both, but you gotta do it on the bus.
  • hello users, Ive come to let you know of an easier way to "achieve" this. As soon as you climb into the bus after leaving the garage and killing the 3 attackers...look out the drivers side window and you will see the flashlights on the guns of the 2 attackers that are needed for this achievement. they are walking to the spot that is near impossible to reach them in time from unless you frag them. so shoot them as soon as you see both lights and you will recieve it.
  • A relatively easy way I found, whilst your in the Garage, theirs an ammo crate, fil up. Kill the 3 enemies outside the garage, run on to the bus, shoot the 3 enemies, run to other end of bus where you need to get off it, and inbetween 2 crate like things, chuck a frag or 2, you will hear them shout and the achievement should pop up.
  • i just threw a p bunch of grenades till it popped u
  • Honestly, seems like you're doing them a favor by killing them right before a building kills
  • Took me a few tries
  • A tip is to "pre-fire" where they are going to be, if you know were they are going to be. Timing is everything, but i'd say it'd only take 2 - 3 tries
  • i found the grenade method to be the most successful and quickest, the run and shoot does take a lot of accuracy and luck id say, because on my game they would always move and id only ever kill the one, but with the grenade it was instant achievement
  • I located both of them from the bus and just dropped them each with a quick shot. Didn't even have to leave the bus for the chevo
  • played through this entire level without spotting the falling building. Guess I must have missed it!

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