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    Shoot out the 4 lights with 4 bullets in Night Shift

    At the start of the mission "Night Shift", you will be instructed to shoot out the street lights illuminating the parking lot across from your position. Zoom in with and carefully shoot the 4 lights in 4 consecutive shots. Press  down to hold your breath for a steadier aim.

  • this is my boomstick
  • this supposed to be easy, right?
  • Well hellow MR fancy pants - ive got news for you buddy, right now your in charge of jackshit, and jack left town.
  • Easy achievement! At the beginning of Night Shift mission!
  • my Vid,
  • Very easy, 30G!
  • Playing in the dark:)
  • I made a video on how to get this
  • Damn, I missed one shot and didn't know about this cheev until afterwards.. :/
  • You need to shoot above the light flare a little bit. Took me three times to get this which was dumb but it's such an easy 30g!!!
  • Ya its easy but u have to aim a little high
  • TIP : I along with most loikely other people have shot directly at the light flare/glow, but make sure to aim up just a tiny bit to actually hit the light casing! Other than that it's a lovely 30G.
  • TIP: Don`t be stupid like me, and try to shoot the light it is emnating. Shoot the black bar above it, and remember to aim a little bit higher than your target, this isn`t Call of Duty.
  • its a mill dot difference for me. not hard at all
  • #13 and 14 have it right...shoot the spot where the wire/light cover cross. I did the same as 14...tried to shoot light itself.
  • Good call #16, shoot at the wire/top of light...Worked for me, first try!!
  • Here's my video, hope it helps anyone else who still needs it.
  • Just aim and shoot like a normal sniper. Eazy...
  • i tried doing it and i aimed perfectly to the last light and it went right through it, i cant believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i got a direct hit but it went straight through the light. wtf
  • Aim just above the light, worked for me.
  • If you turn down the brightness in the options menu it will reduce the glare from the bulb itself and allow to see the hanging light fixture you need to hit.
  • This is far easier on easy. Tried it like ten times on hard and between the wind and magic bullets that go through the lights, found going back to it on the easy setting was worth watching the stupid intro again.
  • It was extremely satisfying getting this one, for me, as I'm so crappy as a sniper. Still, I got it on my third or fourth try ^^
  • 4th try ''booyahhh''
  • Piece of cake! After seeing the video posted by Afflicted Ace.
  • Piece of cake! After seeing the video posted by Afflicted Ace.
  • cowsfly is either lying or ignorant. I just got this after reloading the checkpoint twice in a row.
  • This might be one of the easiest achies i have ever done! All you need is a good aim and decent knowledge about the bullet ballistics and you're set to go!
  • Everybody says this is easy but I just took out all 4 lights with only 4 bullets and it didn't pop. I'm guessing it might be because I accidentally hit the melee button before I started firing.
  • yep hit the black square bit above the light still missed a couple of times though lol
  • #22 Helped i believed got it after trying like 5 times but you do have to aim a little up!
  • Well it was actually pretty hard when tried to aim at wrong spot. But after finding right way to hit lamps it was very easy 30G
  • Aim a little high and to the right
  • Easy as pie! In numbaer that is
  • I love hearing all these fucking idiots saying how easy it is. If it was so easy you wouldn't take the time to make a comment. Be prepared to try this over and over and over again until you get lucky. Easy my ass.
  • #36, sell your xbox NOW, you are crap at games. This is turbo easy!! Did this like most on my 1st try.

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