Practice makes perfect Achievement

  • Practice makes perfect



    Headshot each of the targets in the gun range in Kaffarov

    After passing the gun storage room in the Villa and dispatching a room full of soldiers underground, you will be instructed to take an alternate route. In this room, targets will pop up as you approach. There are 13 targets to hit in total. Try to kill any enemies first (and be careful with your aim - I suggest switching to single shot), because their guns have red laser sights which will blind you.

  • Booyah!
  • FUU, I hope these aren't popping up and with a time limit but they probably are -.-
  • This is a pretty easy achievement. There are 15 targets. They pop up and stay up. The last target moves right to left.
  • This Achievement is NOT timed. You need to shoot the Card Board Cut Outs in the head NOT the actual people that spawn there. Once all are shot in the head you should unlock the Achievement.
  • I did NOT have to shoot the last target in order to obtain the Achievement so I do not believe you need to shoot any mobile targets.
  • i just got this. i was worried because some got shot by the enemies in the crossfire, but i still got it lol.
  • No time limit, and they stay up until shot, but you can't go clearing rooms with grenades, or rushing with an automatic shotgun (my personal favourite). There are enemies in most rooms, and they set themselves up in really annoying spots, I have died 3 times so far trying to get this achievement, always from one guy with a shotgun in the last room.
  • I made a video on how to get this
  • I got it on hard took me many tries but finally poped up
  • Confirmed, you do not need to worry about the moving target at the end. I kept the night vision .50 for enemies and used an assault rifle with the option for single shot fire for the targets. One shot each to the top of their "heads".
  • Just play on easy and use the Scar-H, it's simple. I got it on my second attempt, because the first I didn't realise I was in the range and missed a ton, do I just loaded the checkpoint and got it straight away.
  • did it on easy with the m39 emr off the tables covered in weapons has a holo sight so its good to clear enemies out without hitting the targets, on easy its a ohk too. I went into the rooms then went back killed any enemies then headshot each target pretty easy 15g was near the end of the lvl so if your just going for this achievment its annoying.
  • moving target does not count, confirmed. Easy as pie even on Hard
  • Here is a good vid for this achievement
  • Walk in each room, kill the enemies, headshot the target and proceed to the next room. Pops before the moving target.
  • this was a lot easier than I thought it would be, and yes you don't have to shoot the moving target to unlock the achievement!
  • One of the enemies shot 1 down before I could, but I still got the achievement.
  • I got this achievement by accident,I used a shotgun in that part of the level and still got the achievement
  • I completly fed up at the end and shoot one in the chest and i still got it. Holy shyt r these cevos glitched out
  • Man, the RPGs on this level are stupid! They only aim for you, and on hard, that is a one hit kill everytime!
  • Got this achievement using a shotgun for each target
  • i knew this would be an achievement as soon as i seen the targets pop up haha

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