What the hell *are* you? Achievement

  • What the hell *are* you?



    Take a russian Dog Tag in the forest ambush in Rock And A Hard Place

    At the start of the mission "Rock and a Hard Place", you will be ambushed by Russians in the forest. Flank up the side and knife one of them to obtain their dog tag and this achievement.

    Only a knife from behind will trigger the dogtag animation. If you try knifing in their face you will just swipe at the guy with your knife.This achievement is best attained on "Easy" mode!

  • Awesome Predator reference
  • Digging the symbols.
  • one ugly motherfucker
  • I wonder if their names will pop up on the dog tag like in MP? Would be funny to see some extremely long/impossible to pronounce Russian name pop up after jabbing your shanker into someones throat.
  • @#4 They do, and one of the secret achievements is to collect every enemies dogtags
  • Pretty easy achievement, but I made a video for it anyway: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gx-CMqMy1po You just gotta sneak up on a guy and knife (melee) him.
  • #6 Mucho gracias.
  • Very easy, At the start of the map run right, first shooter get behind him and knife.... Easiest so far
  • this one was so much fun. took me about 3 turns cos I was playing on hard, but you run straight at them from the start and get them from behind.
  • @#5 I think you got some bad intel about that achievement. I'm only missing one secret achievement and it is the one for capturing Kaffarov.
  • #10 he's kidding
  • This one I missed the first play through because I did not know that you have to knife the enemy to get their dog tags.
  • Pretty easy achievement, make sure to not have your knife out though or it will not work knife them while wielding a gun :)
  • Easy. I just ran at where a guy was taking cover.
  • @ #1 That is exactly what I thought when I saw this! It'd be great if the C4 had some codes from the bombs the predator had on it.
  • Best way i found was to flank left and knife dude standing behind tree shooting at everyone else.
  • #16 has the best idea, worked for me first try on hard.
  • very good vid with commentary http://www.youtube.com/user/TheXboxNetworx?feature=mhee
  • #18, Did you really post a link to CoD intel video just to get hits? Get a life
  • as others have said, flank left and knife the first russian soldier you say hiding behind cover. easy to get on hard.
  • It is kinda hard considering that every Russian mysteriously seems to target you, even when your "teammates" are shooting at them. Stupid.
  • Here is a vid that makes it easy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0N143c9tOE
  • I done this achievement 2nd time round was hard at first but I took everyones advice and crept up n knifed them!!! I'd say easy achievement...
  • What an easy 20G...
  • @6 thanks for your video so much easier got it first time thanks
  • easy
  • Yeah tHanks #6 I just keep knifing them until I saw u said SNEAK then got it right away thanks again bro
  • sneek up to the first sausage on the left and slash him make sure its from behind

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